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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 1 – Black Ops

Sneak into the NRC airfield, find the Egyptian Minister and cover the extraction point.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

This feature will tell you how to complete Mission 1: Black Ops in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Joined by a team of Winslow Accord Cyber Soldiers, you head to Ethiopia, sneak into the NRC Airfield and locate the Egyptian Minister. 

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You begin Mission 1 in the Air Traffic Control tower with Commanding Officer Hendricks. In order to gain access to the NRC Airfield, you will crash a carrier plane in order to distract the enemy. 

Infiltrate the Security Station 

Walk with Hendricks down the steps, then crouch beneath the crashed plane’s landing gear. Enemies are nearby, but you’re wearing their uniform, so don’t worry about killing anyone yet. 

Approach the building and wait for your squad to open the door leading to the airstrip. Casually proceed through the door dressed in enemy fatigues. Stick to Hendricks as he leads you towards the security station. He silently kills one of the guards, allowing you to safely enter and access the console. Press the button to switch on Camera Control. 

Find Minister Said 

Go through the different camera feeds until you find the Egyptian Minister. Continue accessing the feeds to follow Minister Said.

Go to the Interrogation Room

Quick on the Trigger Accolade: To earn this, crouch and turn your sights on the two guards at the rear. Kill these soldiers and then go after the guard to the left. You must do this in the quickest time possible. If you fail, shoot the Minister to restart from this exact same point.

It’s time to pull out your weapon and come out firing. Go down the stairs and engage the two armored thugs. Now head down the indoor tunnel, sticking behind cover and then popping out to slaughter enemies who get in the way. 

Hendricks will push forward, causing new enemies to appear. Do not follow him. Instead, remain in cover and take out these guys from range. When they’re dead, go to the end of the tunnel into the interrogation room.  Hendricks will breach the door, and you need to shoot the glass, Die Hard style. 

Wildfire Accolade: Wait until Hendricks sets the soldier in the truck in fire. Now quickly pan the camera up to the catwalk and shoot the explosive container to kill the guards nearby. Immediately go up the catwalk and shoot more barrels to kill remaining enemy forces. You need to light nine enemies on fire in seven seconds.

Go to the Holding Cell 

When you find the minister, he asks you to save someone else named Lieutenant Khalil.  His location is marked on the map, so proceed there and rescue him. 

Reach the Extraction Point 

Hendricks and Khalil will move through the door. Remain at the top of the steps and go into a prone position to kill incoming enemy forces. Now move forward into the next area. Focus on the soldiers carrying LMGs first, then take down enemies above on the catwalk.

When the coast is clear, go down the stairs and take cover behind the black barrels. Now kill enemies from afar. If this seems too easy at first, that’s because it is. More enemies appear, including one heavily armored goon with a shotgun. 

When all of the soldiers are gone, go back to the previous room and wait for reinforcements to arrive via the cargo elevator. Make them dead! After doing this, step onto the elevator. 

Turkey Shoot Accolade: Kill all four soldiers on the elevator before they exit. You can even kill these guys before the doors open, providing you hang out on the right side of this room.

Overburdened Accolade: Go to the front entrance of the cave and make note of the crane with two humongous tunnel pieces overhead. Wait for the crane to move a second time, then blast one of the concrete tubes to make it fall and squash one of the guards. This requires perfect timing.

Taylor shows up with a team using DNI enhancements. If this is your first time through Mission 1 you won’t have access to this cool stuff yet.

Stick with Hendricks as he leads you near the Hangar. Crawl along and pick off enemies while on the way to Diaz. You can hang out on the side of the plane and slaughter the opposition.

Toasty! Accolade: Diaz will pester some enemies with Fireflies. When this happens, kill four guards while they’re under attack.

Now go through the door and hide behind the cargo boxes. You’ll see to APCs with MGs. Hendricks tells you to shoot the missiles, and you should do exactly as he says. Peek over the crates and open fire. 

Phoenix Stopper Accolade: Instead of shooting at the missiles, cook a grenade and throw it instead.

With the APCs destroyed, walk along the right side of the hangar and kill the enemies on the other side while using the crates to dodge incoming fire. Both Hendricks and Diaz help out, and you’ll see a door on the HUD. Go to it.

Hall joins the party and you return to the landing strip. Enemies are all over the place, so take cover and do your best to shoot them in the dark. Do not rush into the thick of combat. Instead remain in cover, then wait for the enemy APC to show up. Destroy it, then focus your attention on the bridge. Blowing up the bridge causes enemy reinforcements to cease.

Truck Stopper Accolade: When those Technicals (machine gun trucks) show up, blow them up with a grenade. To do this, you must reach and destroy the trucks before your team does.

Go to the Comms Room

Follow the squad into the Comms building. Go up the stairs and then take advantage of the tactical feed to kill confused soldiers. Although they’re blind, these guys still have weapons, so proceed with caution.

The Unseen Blade Accolade, Master of Shadows Accolade: During the battle in the dark, melee all of the soldiers without taking damage to earn both Accolades. If you fail, kill yourself with a grenade while still inside of the room.

Now battle your way up the ramp towards a building with a satellite dish, making a point to kill rocket-wielding enemies. 

Go to the Secondary Extraction Point 

Leap over the wall and take cover. When the hangar doors open quickly go inside. Do not engage the robots. 

Force Multiplier: If you’re brave, hang out until the second wave of robots shows up, then throw grenades towards the middle. There’s a chance you’ll earn the Accolade before dying.

Go to the Motor Pool 

With everyone inside of the hangar, go into the APC and mount one of the machine guns. With the vehicle in motion, concentrate your fire on enemies directly ahead of your position. Eventually the vehicle will get stuck, but this isn’t the time to panic. Keep blasting stuff! 

Clear Skies Accolade, Trail of Destruction Accolade: While manning the APC machine gun, destroy all of the gun trucks and thenfour VTOLs.

The APC will get rolling again and your current objective remains the same. Unload countless machine gun rounds on everything bad. 

Cover the Extraction Point 

After exiting the APC, run towards the rocks and take cover. Avoid hiding behind the crate. Otherwise you’ll likely eat a rocket. You can, however, interact with the ammo crate to the right for more grenades. 

Whites of Their Eyes Accolade: When you exit the APC, use your pistol to defend your position. Firing another weapon nixes the chance of earning this Accolade. You can, however, use grenades.

Stay on the move and a Black Ops team will arrive for the rescue. Mission complete!

Find all of the collectibles in Mission 1: Black Ops, then proceed to Mission 2: New World. When ready, visit Prima’s free Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Walkthrough.

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