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Buy Red Bull for Bonus XP and New Taken King Quest in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

We have a feeling sales of Red Bull are set to skyrocket this July, when the company releases a new Destiny-themed can of its energy drink at 7-Elevens in the United States and Canada, with a full rollout in other stores this August.

Each can will contain a code for a one-time consumable, allowing players to receive bonus XP, which translates to a 50 percent additional gain for 30 minutes. Players can only use one code at a time, but the more Red Buy they buy, the more codes they’re able to use. From what we’ve heard, they’ll need to redeem the code at the Red Bull Quest website, so it’s the ultimate win for the drink maker; sales of the product, plus website traffic.

Additionally, there’s a planned multi-stage mission for Destiny: The Taken King that players will only be able to access from buying Red Bull. Neither Activision nor Bungie released details about the quest, but apparently eSports athlete and Destiny fan Michael “Flamesword” Chaves will coach gamers through it, but it remains to be seen whether his voice will appear in-game or Red Bull will release videos featuring Chaves like the one below. We do know he will appear on the can itself.

Finally, specially marked four-packs of Red Bull will make their way to Walmart and grant players access to a Mega XP Accelerator. 

To recap, you’ll be able to buy the Destiny Red Bull cans at 7-Elevens in July and use the XP bonus right away, then check out the quest when The Taken King debuts on September 15. Cans will then be available everywhere in August, and Walmart will have its own exclusive with a Destiny-themed four-pack. 

Even if you don’t drink Red Bull, this is an interesting way to expand your Destiny experience.

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