As reported by outlets like Twinfinite, Bungie has had to temporarily disable some of the Exotic armor pieces in Destiny 2 due to issues with the Exotics that reportedly gave players unfair advantages in Gambit and various other PvP activities. 

Among the Exotic armor that have been disabled, you’ll find the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic Hunter Leg Armor and the Wormgod Caress Exotic Titan Gauntlets. Both of these items were disabled at the same time on August 27. 

As frustrating as it is for owners of these items to have them abruptly disabled in Destiny 2, these items will likely be introduced back into the game after Bungie fixes the problems that led to them being disabled in the first place. 

Bungie Disables Some of Destiny 2’s Exotic Armor Due to PvP Issues

Destiny 2 players who want to make use of Exotics like the Radiant Dance Machines in PvP are currently out of luck as Bungie recently disabled some of the game’s Exotic armor due to unforeseen issues with the items. 

For example, with the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic Leg Armor, Hunters were able to dodge an unintended amount of times back-to-back. As you can imagine, that ability provided an unfair advantage to players with the Radiant Dance Machines equipped, at least in Bungie’s eyes. 

It’s not just Hunters that were given an item with unintended advantages packaged in, either. In addition to the Radiant Dance Machines being disabled, Wormgod Caress Exotic Titan Gauntlets were also disabled.

The reason for the gauntlets being disabled is that Titans who had them equipped were able to “unintentionally do large amounts of damage with their throwing hammers” according to a tweet from Bungie Help. 

Since both armor pieces were disabled on August 27, there’s yet to be an update from Bungie Help on Twitter regarding when players can expect the armor to be reenabled. We recommend following the account to stay up-to-date on these armor pieces if you’re someone who’s affected by Bungie disabling them. 

Until then, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Are you someone who’s been affected by Bungie disabling the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic Hunter Leg Armor and the Wormgod Caress Exotic Titan Gauntlets?

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