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Bungie Addresses Destiny 2 Bug That Gave Xbox One, PC Players Access to a PS4-Exclusive Weapon

by Liana Ruppert

Yesterday, Destiny 2 Xbox One and PC players noticed that they had access to the Wavesplitter weapon, a weapon that was – and still is, technically – a PlayStation 4 exclusive. When players across the remaining two platforms voiced their excitement over the newly found access assuming Bungie lifted the exclusivity, it was revealed that it was in fact a glitch and not supposed to be available at all. Now the devs have responded, clarifying that the weapon won’t be usable for Xbox, PC players until September. 

“We’re investigating an issue where the Sony exclusive weapon Wavesplitter was made available from Xûr on Xbox and PC,” mentioned the studio in a recent forum post. “We’re currently working on a fix. In the meantime, Xbox and PC players who acquired the weapon will be able to use it. After the fix goes live, they will still have it in their inventories, but will not be able to equip it until this weapon enters the general Exotic loot pool in September 2019.”

Unfortunately, their response was met with hard criticisms, with many citing that it seems odd that there are so many bugs that are deemed unfixable, but when one comes up that benefits players – repairs are immediate.

Though the Forsaken expansion did much to turn the tide in Bungie’s favor regarding feelings towards the Destiny sequel, there is still a lot of frustration felt from the community that has been a part of Destiny 2 since launch. When Bungie announced their split from Activision, many were hoping that this meant positive things for the future of the franchise, though many in the responding forum thread let their doubts be known following the latest glitch and how othe team handled it. 

One user even commenting saying, “Gamebreaking bugs and balance issues? Weeks to fix. Anything unintended that increases enjoyment of the game? Immediate resolution.” While others don’t agree with the sentiment, it does seem like that massively reflects the community’s response to Bungie taking the PS4-exclusive weapon back out of the picture.

As for the game itself, the Season of the Drifter is now live with an end date of May 6th. Though the Wavesplitter is off the table, the latest season does offer other limited-time loot for players to enjoy.

Liana Ruppert

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