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Build-A-Bear Will Release Another Animal Crossing Plush This Summer

by Morgan Shaver

The rollout of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection at Build-A-Bear was a success, though many Animal Crossing fans were disappointed that Isabelle and Tom Nook were the only options. 

Fortunately, it sounds like this Tom Nook and Isabelle exclusivity is going to change in the future… albeit only slightly. Per a recent statement from Build-A-Bear, an additional Animal Crossing character will be added to the collection later this summer. 

Tom Nook and Isabelle are also coming back for a second run in case you missed out on buying them the first time around. 

Build-A-Bear Will Release Another Animal Crossing Plush This Summer

Build-A-Bear officially revealed their Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection which went on sale on April 6. The collection included Isabelle and Tom Nook and… that’s it. No Celeste, no Blathers, no K.K. Slider, and certainly no villagers like Raymond or Judy. 

Fans were understandably disappointed as they’d been hoping for more, with other Build-A-Bear collections like the one for Pokemon offering five different options to choose from.

It sounds like the Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection won’t be limited to just Isabelle and Tom Nook though as a statement from Build-A-Bear confirms that an additional character will be added later this summer. 

Information on who Build-A-Bear is adding has yet to be provided, though if we had to wager a guess we’d say it’ll either be K.K. Slider or Blathers (or Celeste). And if you wanted Tom Nook and/or Isabelle but weren’t able to purchase them, you’ll also have another opportunity “soon” as Build-A-Bear is planning another run. 

A specific date for when they’ll be back has yet to be provided. It’s recommended that you follow Build-A-Bear on social media and sign up for their newsletter on their website for updates on when Tom Nook and Isabelle will be available.

Tom Nook and Isabelle are priced at $51 (USD) and include their summer outfits and bundle options let you pick whether you want them to come with either theme music or phrases.

The April 6 launch had customers queue up in a virtual line, and we imagine this process will be repeated when the next run for Isabelle and Tom Nook goes live, along with when the third character is officially released. We also imagine the third character will be priced similarly to Isabelle and Tom Nook at $51 (USD). 

After hearing that a third character is being added to Build-A-Bear’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection, we’re eager to hear your thoughts.

Who do you think is being added? Do you think Build-A-Bear will add additional characters outside of this third character in the future? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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