Revolution Software has launched a Kickstarter in an attempt to fund a new Broken Sword game.

The new addition to the series is titled Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse and goes back to the roots of the series with delightful 2D artwork (the characters are 3D but rendered in 2D). For a pledge of just $15 you can grab yourself a digital copy of the game with a selection of bonus digital content and developer progress updates. As is the nature of Kickstarter, the more you pledge, the more you’ll receive in return. Higher tiers bring rewards such as Broken Sword artwork from the original title, documents signed by the team and even personalized messages for your voicemail recorded by the game’s voice actors. Pledge really high and you’ll receive an invitation to the game’s wrap party in an “exotic location” from the game (accommodation but no travel included). The company is after raising $400,000 via fans of the series.

The game’s already six months into production and the team seems excited at the prospect of not having an a publisher on its back influencing the game’s design.

"There are two types of Kickstarter project," says Revolution top dog Charles Cecil. "There's the totally speculative one. I wanted to go to the fans who are getting very excited and are making a lot of noise. But I wanted to go with something. I wanted to say, this is what it would look like, these are some of the story elements. We're about halfway through production. What it isn't is speculative. What we're saying is, you can see what you're going to get. If you want to support us, then please do.

"If we do get Kickstarter support then we will be able to stay totally creatively independent and we will work closely with the fans, having a high respect for their feedback. If we don't get the Kickstarter then we will have to pursue other routes, which won't be as good for the game, and certainly won't be as good for Revolution."

We’re hoping they’re successful, and personally I think they’ll manage. If they do make it then the game’s scheduled for release early 2013 so funders shouldn’t have too long to wait before seeing the fruits of their pledge. The game is planned to release on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android but console versions mightn’t be as easy to get going. Good luck guys, I’ll certainly be pledging myself.