Revolution Software, developers of Beneath a Steel Sky, has officially announced a sequel to the 1994 cult favourite.

It was originally stated that if their current game Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse reached its $1 million goal on Kickstarter, then it would embark on the sequel. The original target of $400,000 was smashed and currently stands at $771,561 ($820,000 including PayPal donations).

Tony Warriner, studio co-founder, confirmed to Develop that production would go ahead upon completion of The Serpent’s Curse despite falling slightly short of the $1 million goal.

"We're delighted by the recent level of interest in a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky and are currently discussing design ideas for this project which we plan to go into development following the release of Broken Sword - The Serpent's Curse.”

He continued, “We are deeply touched that Steel Sky fans are as enthusiastic today as they were when the original game was released in 1994.”

The game is being developed for several platforms incuding Android, OSX and PC, with a console release also being examined.

Fans are hoping that the look and feel of the game don’t change too much from the original version.