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Bravely Default Demo, Mega Man X2 Hit the Nintendo eShop

by Prima Games Staff

Following problems with its online service last week – due to this thing known as the holidays – Nintendo has opted to go with a minimal update to its Nintendo eShop this week. A lot of last week’s releases – and the recently released Dr. Luigi U – stand out as the highlights, but the company did include a couple of key additions to keep fans happy.

First up, the Bravely Default demo is now available to download for the Nintendo 3DS. It introduces the entertaining turn-based combat and risk/reward system that fans of role-playing games will certainly appreciate, along with content that’s exclusive to the demo. So you’ll want to keep it on your system, even after you buy the full game when it releases on February 7th.

Also, Mega Man fans have a new entry to download to the Wii U this week. Mega Man X2 continues to take the Blue Bomber into the future, where he fights a dangerous robotic horde in an effort to keep his virtual world safe. The game will set you back $7.99, not a bad deal for retro goodness. Plus, that’s a steal compared to what the original game goes for on eBay.

Happy downloading!

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