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Borderlands On Nintendo Switch Aims for 1080p at 30FPS

by Liana Ruppert

Now that 2K Games has announced that the Borderlands Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch, many Vault Hunter hopefuls are curious as to how the cell-shaded wonder will perform on the hybrid console. The port is being handled by Turn Me Up Games, much like most ports being handled by a third party, and they’ve confirmed some of the tech aspirations they have in mind for the game’s launch on the Switch. 

The Turn Me Up Games crew took to their website to outline their particular goals for the Switch port, saying: “Gearbox’s iconic, comedic, Looter-Shooters are back and gorgeous as ever on Nintendo Switch! We worked tireless with 2K and Gearbox to bring these ravenously requested classics to Switch in full 1080p, at 30 FPS and with no downgrading of art assets. On top of that, we included all the trimmings of the GOTY releases — and newly developed motion controls specifically built for this incredible collection.”

Since the Nintendo Switch’s launch, the team has done nothing but honor that promise with major shockers ranging from DOOM to Skyrim to a plethora of horror adventures for players to dive right into, with graphics to a standard that pleasantly surprised many. For those excited to play Borderlands on the hybrid console, there’s a few things you need to know first! 

The Legendary Collection comes with Borderlands 1, 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and will be a 41.6GB download. Basically, you’re going to need a bigger memory card! Get that ready, because Borderlands invades the Nintendo library on May 29th!

With so many exciting third-party games coming to Nintendo Switch, it begs the question: If you could have any game ported over to Nintendo’s hybrid console – forget specs – what would you choose? Hit us up with those answers over on Twitter @PrimaGames


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