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BioShock, XCOM, and Borderlands Are All Coming to Nintendo Switch

by Liana Ruppert

When Nintendo first announced the Nintendo Switch, their number one promise was their biggest third-party lineup ever in the history of Nintendo. Since launch, the team has done nothing but honor that promise with major shockers ranging from DOOM to Skyrim to a plethora of horror adventures for players to dive right into. It looks like that third-party library is about to get even more epic because the latest Nintendo Direct Mini confirmed three new wild experiences coming to the hybrid platform!

The three newest arrivals all hail from 2K Games including: 

For those that are wanting to scoop up individual titles to save some space, it looks like the BioShock games can be purchased individually as a digital download. As for download sizes as a whole, 2K has confirmed the following sizes: 

  • BioShock: Remastered Collection will be found on a 16GB cartridge containing the “opening acts” with another download coming later, though that size hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Borderlands Legendary Collection will be a 41.6GB download.
  • XCOM 2 will have an 8GB cartridge housing the first two missions, with the rest of the download coming in at about 25GB.

Basically, you’re going to need a bigger memory card. Needless to say, it’s going to be exciting and it all kicks off on May 29th! 

With so many exciting third-party games coming to Nintendo Switch, it begs the question: If you could have any game ported over to Nintendo’s hybrid console – forget specs – what would you choose? Hit us up with those answers over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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