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Borderlands 3: Ashly Burch Confirmed To Be Returning As The Voice Of Tiny Tina

by Liana Ruppert

Tiny Tina may not be so tiny anymore in the upcoming Borderlands 3, but one thing that will be returning about the explosives expert with a mean penchant for ass and tabletop is that of voice actress Ashly Burch! 

This particular character is one of the most beloved faces met in Gearbox’s looter shooter. Fans lost their minds when they saw an older version of Tina back and ready for action in the upcoming Borderlands 3. With the confirmation that Troy Baker wouldn’t be reprising his role as Rhys, some were worried that even more familiar voices wouldn’t be returning. Luckily, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has laid this particular concern to rest: 

When one fan took to Twitter to ask “Is Ashly Burch returning to voice Tiny Tina? I have seen mentions that she is not, and that makes me sad if so. She’s probably one of my favorite characters and love the personality and energy that Ashly gives her,” Pitchfor responded “Yes, she has returned.” Short and simple, but enough to make thousands of Tiny Tina fans rejoice.

As for the game itself, Borderlands 3 is poised to make its Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC debut on September 13, 2019. It will also be a timed-exclusive for the Epic Games Store for those looking to play on PC.

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