Bloodstained Ritual of The Night, which came out in 2019, is receiving a new mode. Classic Mode will feature a much more standard Castlevania experience. This is modeled more after games like Rondo of Blood and Super Castlevania instead of its Symphony of the Night Counterpart. In a tweet, which can be seen below, this mode’s release date is confirmed for January 14. 

Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night Classic Mode Releases on January 14

If you’re unfamiliar with Bloodstained, it’s the Kickstarted spiritual successor to Castlevania by creator Koji Igarashi. It’s Kickstarter was so successful that it spawned an 8-bit retro game called Bloodstained Curse of The Moon and later a sequel to that game. Classic Mode is yet another Kickstarter reward that is finally being met.

You’ll have to take on five different bosses as you make your way throughout the castle. It’s going to be dangerous, but fans of Castlevania will know what to expect. 

The mode will have three different difficulties and limited lives, so plan accordingly! This update will also bring a new area to the main game. The Kingdom Crossover area has a special boss inside of it for players to challenge.

 If you’re interested to see what else the game has in store, you can check out the roadmap for the game below. 2021 is going to be filled with more new content updates for Bloodstained. 


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