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Bloodborne PC Port Reportedly On the Way

by Liana Ruppert

Bloodborne, much like Dark Souls, is a brutal and unforgiving game teeming with luscious lore and incredible challenges for gamers to take on. That being said, it has remained a PlayStation exclusive since launch, but a new report states that a Bloodborne PC port is on the way. 

Before we get started on the latest report, it’s important to take this with an extreme grain of salt. Not because it’s not plausible, Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn are both PS exclusives making the PC jump, but because the nature of the leak. The “insider” is not named, to be expected, but no nuance behind what makes this insider a … well, an insider is provided, which hurts the credibility immensely. That being said, we’ve long-since had the hunch that this was the next game to come to PC, which is why we are covering the dubious report at all. Prima has also reached out to our own sources for clarification. 

Now, for the good part. The latest report comes by way of RespawnFirst (via ResetERA) and according to the “insider,” Bloodborne is the next PlayStation exclusive to make the jump to PC with an announcement coming soon. To the leaker’s credit, they too mentioned not to take this as a 100% confirmation and with the proverbial grain of salt, which is good, but this move would be far from surprising. 

Though the news that Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding was coming to PC left a bitter taste in loyalists’ mouths, for a reason that is a bit silly and honestly anti-gamer, Sony making this particular move makes sense. Microsoft has been working towards closing that console x PC gap for years now and the move for the Halo franchise was met with monumental success. It’s time for Sony to step away from their island a bit, something the company knows and has actively been working towards, so a Bloodborne port wouldn’t be out of the question. 

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As for what other PlayStation exclusives are making the leap, we can only speculate. The Last of Us rumors have been aplenty ever since the first game launched and with its sequel? Those rumors have spiraled. God of War PC rumors have also been prevalent, but nothing has been confirmed at this time other than the previously mentioned titles. 

If this port rumor is the latest confirmed PC move, it does beg the question: what other PlayStation exclusives would you like to see over on PCs everywhere? Jonesing to become Kratos with mod support? Itching to step into the role of Nathan Drake once more? It’s an interesting rabbit hole, to be sure! 

What do you think about a possible Bloodborne PC port? Love it, leave it, or straight up don’t believe it? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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