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Bloodborne: The Board Game Joins Kickstarter Later This Month

by Liana Ruppert

FromSoftware’s Bloodborne continues to be a smashing success, even years after its release. For fans looking to expand upon that brutally enjoyable experience, a new board game is coming soon and the team behind the latest adaptation announced their Kickstarter plans are preparing to go live later this month. 

CMON Games, the publisher behind the upcoming Bloodborne: The Board Game, revealed that the crowdfunding endeavor will be going live at 3 PM ET on April 23rd. When the campaign makes its debut, those interested can choose to contribute any amount they desire towards getting this project to 100% funded. As the pledge increases, so do the incentives, providing fans with a variety of rewards to choose from when looking to support the latest project. 

As previously confirmed by the publisher, the upcoming Bloodborne experience will be a “campaign-based action-adventure” board game that will task up to 4 players to take on the role of Hunters as they make their way through a labyrinth of secrets and danger. The basis of the game will take place in the city of Yharnam and will feature a plethora of minatures based on in-game characters. 

The deck-based board game will offer many choices for players to partake in, but the publisher promises that those decisions will have consequences. 

From challenging combat, to a fully enriched lore-based narrative, the latest Bloodborne project promises to expand further than ever before an IP that quickly became a favorite in the gaming community. To learn more, check out the official CMON Games website here

Liana Ruppert

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