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Blade Chimera Demo Arrives at Steam Next Fest June 2024

New gameplay trailer out too!

Blade Chimera, the gorgeous upcoming 2D metroidvania from Team Ladybug and WSS playground is now making its way to PC and Nintendo Switch in August 2024. This small delay announcement came with some exciting news about an upcoming demo for Blade Chimera, as well as a new gameplay trailer.

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Blade Chimera Demo Confirmed

Team Ladybug confirmed on Steam that Blade Chimera will receive a public demo during the Steam Next Fest in June 2024. They also released a brand new trailer that showcases new boss battles, gimmicks, enemies, and some fast-paced action.

Steam Next Fest June 2024 is starting from June 10, 2024, and will run for a full week. The event will feature hundreds of public demos with developer livestreams as well. It’s always a great event to try out upcoming releases from smaller development teams and add more games to your ever-growing wishlist.

Blade Chimera was originally scheduled for Spring 2024, but the developers need more time to polish the full release, hence the delay to August 2024. There isn’t a concrete date confirmed yet, but it’s only a few months away, and we’re very excited to see more.

Blade Chimera Platforms

The game is only launching on PC via Steam, and the Nintendo Switch at the moment.

Their previous releases have largely been multi-platform, but their last game, DRANIUS from 2022 is still only available on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

It’s unclear at this point whether Blade Chimera will be released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but we’re assuming it’ll come down to how successful the release is on currently announced platforms.

Team Labybug’s previous releases are currently on sale on Steam as part of the Indie Live Expo till June 1, 2024.

Speaking of 2D action games, The Rogue: Prince of Persia, the rogue-lite from Dead Cells’ developers, is coming out next week on May 27, 2024, and it looks absolutely glorious.

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