Black Desert Online Shines Bright in Land of The Morning Light

The expansion we've all been waiting for is finally here!

Far across the sea is a beautiful island, wreathed in cherry blossoms and steeped in folklore. And now, for the first time, you can step foot on its shores.

Black Desert Online Shines Bright in Land of The Morning Light

The highly anticipated expansion for Black Desert Online, Land of the Morning Light, is now available globally. Fans and new players alike will be happy to know that this massive expansion offers a bevy of new content and an ambitious new take on MMO gameplay.

Set on an island that’s meant to give players a sense of being a traveler in a far-off land, the Land of the Morning Light offers beautiful new terrains, intricate architecture, and villages steeped in cultural traditions.

These environments are inspired by 15 real-world locations, and developers Pearl Abyss collaborated with 11 local Korean government agencies to ensure that historical landmarks in the game were as authentic as possible. Prime examples include the in-game Shimnidae Forest, inspired by Juknokwon (Bamboo Forest), and Nampo Gate, inspired by Sangdang Sanseong Fortress. But the attention to detail seeps into all aspects of the environment. From the clothes to the games to the music that filters through the towns you’ll gallop through.

Beyond the finely crafted environment, the Land of the Morning Light moves away from the familiar monster grind with the introduction of bosses, which can be fought in any order. Each of these bosses are inspired by Korean folklore and vary in character design and battle mechanics. Players new to the game can opt to fight the boss on lower-tier difficulty while more experienced players can fight them at higher tiers for better rewards.

On top of these pure boss fights, Pearl Abyss has added a completely new competitive boss challenge called ‘Boss Blitz’. A leaderboard, organized by character class, will showcase players who beat the bosses with the fastest time. At the end of the week, players at the top will reap great rewards.

But what I’ve most enjoyed about the expansion so far is the non-linear quests lines the Land of the Morning Light offers. Each of the bosses you fight are part of a greater story, which you can discover through a series of rich quests. Players can expect 80 cutscenes, 40 vignettes, and 6,000 fully dubbed lines.

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New players who are worried it might take them days or weeks to reach the Land of the Morning Light need not worry. New characters can be created and placed immediately in the Land of the Morning Light. From there, you can complete a set of tutorial quests which will equip you with all the items you’ll need to succeed in the expansion.

To celebrate the launch of Land of the Morning Light, all game packages, including the base game, are 50% off on Steam and the official website. The expansion can be played completely free if you own Black Desert Online.

I had a chance to tackle bosses, complete quests, and decorate my very own Korean-style mansion in the Land of the Morning Light a few weeks ago. Check out my complete impressions here: Black Desert Online: The Land of the Morning Light Preview | Step into a Korean Fairytale.

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