Have you been holding out on buying some Mass Effect 3 goodies for yourself, wondering what BioWare could be releasing next?  Today we have our answer.

According to DeviantArt user Christine Schott, who designed a Mass Effect hoodie with her own customization, BioWare is looking to manufacture certain designs and sell them to the public, taking advantage of the avid fan base that still strongly supports the science fiction adventure series.  With some new DLC on the way this week, we don’t see why they wouldn’t jump on this bandwagon.

Don’t expect it anytime soon, though.  Schott says that her designs are “nowhere near the final product” and that BioWare is working on a few redesigns before they manage to release them to the public.  Details are still being “worked out” but you can get a rough idea what kind of custom designs are being sold from the diagram above.  

Yes, we want that Mordin hoodie just as badly as you…