BioShock Infinite Walkthrough – Part 2 of 2

We bring you the rest of the way home in this installment!
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We pick up where we left off  to help guide you through the amazing Bioshock Infinite.

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Plaza of Zeal

Elizabeth will discover Slate’s locker and find her mother’s journal. Enter the elevator and press the button. The elevator will descend while you hear a message from Fink. The phone in the elevator will ring and Fink is on the other end. Answer it and then continue the decent in the elevator. Once the elevator opens use the arrow to guide you to the gunsmith. Collect the items and Voxophone recording in the room and head through the doors to leave the area and enter the Gunsmith’s Shop.

Enter the shop and go to the left and around the corner to find items and ammo. Collect what you nee and then follow the arrow to the next destination. Once upstairs, turn to the right and head straight to find another lock pick. After you search the room, follow the crying downstairs to find the gunsmith’s wife, Mrs. Lin. After talking to her you must find the Good Time Club and save Chen Lin.

Exit the shop and prepare to do battle with a Handyman! Don’t let his size and speed fool you. Simply keep moving and aim for the heart. Once you have destroyed him, follow the arrow forward to the Good Time Club and enter.

The Good Times Club

Head up the staircase and through the door at the top. You will then take on a gauntlet of enemies sent by Fink. They will consist of Firemen, Motorized Patriots, and members of the Order of the Raven along with Mosquitos. Open a tear and use the RPG and Possession vigor to take out the enemies. Be sure to use the RPG’s on the Mosquitos. Follow the arrow into the next room.

Head down the stairs and take out the two enemies in the room. Then head into the room on the left to collect ammo and a lock pick. Exit the room and then go into the one across the hall and enter the second door. There is a codebook on a crate by the furnace on the right. Collect it and the other items in the room and then head into the projector room. Watch the film and then enter the cellblock through the door on the left. Take out the guards in the room.

Cell number 8 can be unlocked with the right amount of lock picks. You find gear and Silver Eagles inside. Head to cell number 6 to see a familiar face. Then head to cell 9 and unlock it. You will find a wallet on the desk. Then descend the staircase until you reach the bottom. There is a lock pick on the desk. Grab it and then enter the dimly lit cell. Follow the light and hit the button to turn on the light and discover Chen. The all to familiar and annoying couple will appear again. They will reveal a tear into… another Columbia! Enter the tear and head back to the cellblock. Head straight ahead to collect a Voxophone recording and a lock pick. Follow the arrow into the next room and take out the men inside of it. Follow the arrow out of the Good Time Club.

Plaza of the Zeal

Follow the arrow and take out the enemies. There will be a soldier with a blaster cannon so take him out first or possess him and use him for cover. After all enemies have been defeated, return to the gunsmith’s shop. Head upstairs and find Chen Lin. After speaking with him, return downstairs so speak with his wife. After that, leave the shop. Follow the arrow and take out the enemies in the area. Follow the arrow to a elevator and then head to Shanty Town.

Shanty Town

Enter Shantytown and follow the arrow to a group of people scavenging for food. Open a tear near them, which will make food appear. Then continue following the arrow until you reach a group of soldiers. Take them out and then activate the rocket turrets to take care of the soldiers on the skyline. Once the enemies are defeated, follow the arrow to a door. Leave Shantytown and enter the Bull House Impound.

Bull House Impound

Follow the arrow to locate the weapons. There is no way that you can carry all those back. Thankfully there is a tear there. Enter the tear and head back to the gunsmith’s shop.

Take the Voxophone off the desk below the Columbia Authority symbol and continue to follow the arrow to leave and enter Bull Alley. You enter to find a gunfight occurring, but you are not the target! Follow the arrow onto the skyline back to the entrance into Shantytown. Take out the enemies and enter Shantytown. Continue on your path to find a startling discovery, in this world Booker died to help the Vox Populi! Continue on your path to the elevator and hit the button.

Exit the elevator and return to Finkton Proper.

Finkton Proper

Head into the room straight ahead and consume the Charge vigor. Then turn around to search the desks and collect the lock pick on the floor. After all items have been gathered, leave the room. Take out the enemies you encounter. Then focus on taking out the sniper up top. Use a RPG or another long-range rifle. Then sprint to the door on the far left and enter it. Sprint to the gunsmiths shop to find him and his wife dead on the floor. Even more telling, nestled on the shelve, a Voxophone recording from Booker himself.

Follow the arrow out and follow the group of Vox Populi as they take out the enemies. Continue to follow the arrow until you reach a large area. There will be Motorized Patriots and soldiers carrying heavy gun power. Take them out and be sure not to harm your allies. Next you must take out Comstock’s zeppelin. Use the skylines to maneuver and board the aircraft. Take out the enemies and disable the engine. Exit the zeppelin through the door on the right. Then continue back to the previous gate and exit to the Factory.

Fink’s Factory

Storm Fink’s Factory with your allies and take out the enemies inside. Head to the elevator and hit the button. Ascend the factory towards Fink’s office. Before you reach the office the elevator stops and you get a phone call from Fitzroy. After the phone call the elevator continues to move and you will reach Flint’s office.

Exit the elevator and take out the guys in the room. Then head left to collect a Voxophone recording. Next, turn around and search the desks for items. There is also a safe there with some gold and silver bars along with some Silver Eagles. Collect these items and then ask Elizabeth to pick the lock of the door at the end of the room.

Rush the stairs and prepare to kill Flint. When you reach the top of the stairs, you are there just in time to witness Fitzroy killing Flint and enjoying it a little too much! Prepare to take out the enemies she sends your way. There will be a Fireman and soldiers on a gondola. Pull them closer with Undertow and take them out. Then head down the stairs to take out the rest of the enemies. At the end of the wave, the Handyman will appear. Take him out same as before, and then head back to the window where you saw Fitzroy kill Fink. Head to left and boost Elizabeth up. Distract Fitzroy from killing the boy long enough for Elizabeth to kill Fitzroy! Comfort her in her time of need and then follow her to the air ship.


Try to reach her by knocking on the door on the right. When she does not answer head to the controls and set a course. Elizabeth will emerge with a new haircut and new outfit. You finally hope to set a course out of Columbia when the Songbird attacks you! It pulls down the zeppelin and you crash into Emporia. When you awake you must help Elizabeth open the hatch. Then you exit to find that familiar couple once again. They give you more information on the Songbird and disappear.

Push the piano out of the way and follow Elizabeth. Continue straight towards Comstock House. You will have to contend with a powerful armada of Vox Populi. Take cover and use the Mosquito tear for cover. Be patient and take away their most powerful guns first. Then rush in for the kill. Once all enemies are dead, follow the arrow to the door and have Elizabeth open it.

Enter the building and marvel at the vile destruction the Vox Populi has committed. Head straight towards the vending machine and collect salt and a lock pick. Follow the arrow up the stairs and turn left and continue straight. Turn the corner to the left and take out the Vox Populi. Continue ahead and turn right. Activate the Motorized Patriot. Continue down those stairs and take out the Vox Populi and a new Motorized Patriot! Once you are done, board the gondola and pull the lever.

As you approach Comstock House, the familiar couple appears again and Elizabeth finally remember who they are! Once you arrive, exit the room and go straight ahead to the other room on the gondola. Collect the items in the room and then get off the gondola and head up the staircase. Take out the enemies in the room and then head through the door on the left. Here you will find salt and a lock pick. Head through the floor at the end of this room to equip the Hellfire weapon.

Once you have the items you want, follow the arrow into the next room. Take out the two enemies in the hallway and then turn left and search this room for items, a safe, and a Heater weapon. Next exit this room and find a door that requires three lock picks. Have Elizabeth pick the lock, take out the enemies inside, and then collect the items. Once you are done, follow the arrow out of the room and up the staircase. Take out the enemies. There will be a Fireman so just use your Undertow to wash him away and shoot him. Once the enemies are gone, follow the arrow.

You will now encounter a larger wave of enemies, including multiple Motorized Patriots and Firemen. Watch your ammo and take them out using your vigors and your most powerful weapons. Once the room Is clear, head towards the door at the end of the hall and have Elizabeth open it.

There will be snipers in this room. Use the Murder of Crows vigor to take them out. Use the tear above the sniper on the top level to get closer if needed. Once you are finished, head though the turnstile.

Head toward the end of the room and try to call the elevator. There is a code needed. Turn back and go to the first desk in the room where there are two books stacked on top of a clipboard. Follow the prompt and you will find the code. Then, the familiar melody is played and the Songbird arrives! Elizabeth runs to the elevator, follow her. She asks you to protect her, no matter what and you agree. Enter the elevator and leave the area for Downtown Emporia.

Once you exit, you will be attacked by a very strong wave of Vox Populi. Use the skylines to your advantage and maneuver around the area to take them down. When the Handyman shows up, avoid those lines, as he will electrify them. Attack him in the heart and the wave is over. Follow the arrow to a locked gate and have Elizabeth open it.

Head forward and grab the Return To Sender vigor out of the crate. Then head to the left and up the stairs. You will encounter snipers. Pull the sniper rifle through the tear and take them out. Then continue forward. There is a door on the left that requires 3 lock picks. Open it and kill the man inside. Then collect the items and the gear at the top of the stairs and exit. Continue forward, following the arrow, and pull a turret through a tear. Then prepare for battle. The turret is high enough that it should do most of the work but be prepared to face Firemen and Motorized Patriots. After the enemies are gone follow the arrow to the gate. Elizabeth decides to pay respects to her mother in hopes that he will open the gate. Use the arrow to find The Crypt of Lady Comstock.

Memorial Gardens

Locate her crypt and bring the lock through a tear. Have Elizabeth open it. Lady Comstock’s sprit will awake and you must battle it. She will raise men from the dead but focus your firepower on her. Once you weaken her she will flee. The twins now show up and they are digging their own graves! A riddle from them tells you that you must locate three tears in order to cleanse your mother’s sprit and have her help you open the gate.

One of the tears is in The Bank of the Prophet. Follow the arrow and head there. Once you are inside follow the arrow and take out anything that stands in your way. Once you reach the tear, prepare to battle a member of the Order of the Raven. After you have defeated him, open the tear. After you find the tear you must battle Lady Comstock again in the vault. Once she is defeated, head to the elevator and move on to the next area.

The next tear is in a photography shop. Follow the arrow to the skylines and head to the photo shop. Once you are there have Elizabeth pick the lock. No resistance here. After the tear is opened, leave the building and follow the arrow to the next one.You may encounter some enemies on the way so deal with them accordingly.

The final tear lies in the Lutece Laboratory, also known here as the familiar twins. Have Elizabeth pick the lock and enter. Head upstairs to find a Infusion elixir and then head back down stairs to open the tear. After it is opened, exit the room and follow the arrow to Comstock’s House. You must battle Lady Comstock one last time. She has tons of bodies that she can resurrect to do her bidding. Take cover and focus your fire on her. Use the Mosquito as well for backup. Once she is defeated, you can enter the Comstock House.

Comstock House

Enter the Comstock House and continue straight to the lever. Pull it and the Songbird arrives! It picks you up and throws you through a window. You awake in your office. This time the twins are blocking the door, so use the door beside your desk and you awaken back in Columbia. The Songbird attacks and Elizabeth tries to stop him. She apologizes to the Songbird for leaving and asks it to take her back. He grabs her and flies away. Follow through the hole in the wall. Use the Freight Hooks to make it to the ground safely and follow the walkway. You must find Elizabeth.

Continue through the white light and up a set of stairs and through the door. Follow the tears until you reach a statute of… Our Lady Elizabeth! What is happening?! Head to the right of the statue and up the stairs into a room similar to a psychiatric ward. Head to down the stairs and around the sign and attack the Boy of Silence. He will disappear and everyone in the room will attack you. Kill them all and attempt to go through the gate. When you can’t wait for the elevator to come down and enter it. Grab the Voxophone recording to listen to on your way up.

Warden’s Office

Exit the elevator and encounter another Boy of Silence. You can attempt to sneak past him but its better if you just attack him and destroy his followers. After taking him out head to the left to find ammo and other items. Then follow the signs that say Where We Lie for some truly gruesome scenes. When you enter a room full of bodies, look for a Voxophone recording of Elizabeth. Follow the arrow into the next room where a Boy of Silence lies. Sneak past him and enter the next room on the right.

Take out the turrets and the snipers and then proceed forward. Follow the arrow. You will need to face another Boy of Silence. Sneak past him and continue to follow the arrow into a projection room with a movie playing of Elizabeth. How much time has passed for her? Follow the arrow out of the room and follow it to the Warden’s Office. You will find a Voxophone in the chair. Listen to it and then flip the switch to open the security gate. Now its time to save Elizabeth.

Turn around to a Boy of Silence! He ushers in a wave of enemies but nothing to special. Take them out and follow the arrow to the elevator. Right before you reach the elevator, there will be another group of enemies where the snipers were. Take them out and then head into the elevator and hit the button.

Exit the elevator and go through the door that was previously blocked. Head down to have an encounter with the twins and continue forward and head towards the silhouette of Elizabeth. Listen to her speak and then reach for her hand. A much older Elizabeth pulls you up and reveals the prophet’s dream had come true.

Operating Theater

You awaken in 1912. Run down the hallway and witness Elizabeth being experimented on. You must disconnect the machine and save her life. Head to the left an take out the turret and the enemies. It may be best to possess it then take it down. Next head back down the stairs and to the room on the right and take out those enemies and the turret. The ascend the stairs and take out the enemies in this room. Be warned, these enemies are extremely armored so use your most powerful weapon and vigor against them. Once the enemies are done, follow the arrow to disconnect the machines. You will have to face one last wave of enemies and a Motorized Patriot in between disabling the machines so be prepared. Once the machines are off, free Elizabeth from her spinal tapped prison.

Head back upstairs and open the door with the lock that requires three picks. Take the Infusion elixir and listen to the Voxophone recording. Then head back down the stairs and straight towards the door ahead. Have Elizabeth pick it and then head through to The Hand of the Prophet.

Take out a wave of enemies that include armored soldiers and Motorized Patriots. Once they have been defeated, board the air ship and pull the lever.

The Hand of the Prophet

You will need to fight your way to Comstock’s base. Different air ships and Mosquitos will try to attack you and enemies will even board your vessel. Take them out by using the Sky Hook to board their ships. Once they are all taken out, you will make it to Comstock’s base. Once there you must fight your way to the top. Follow the arrows and defeat the enemies.

Once you make it to the Engineering Deck head through the opening. You will battle the same foes that you have before and the Handyman will appear and be last of the wave. Take all these enemies out and then follow the arrow to confront Comstock.

Confronting Comstock

When you confront Comstock, he tries to pin everything that has happened to Elizabeth on you! Follow through with the prompts on the screen and then exit to find the control room. When you find the room following the arrow, you are about to be boarded by the Vox until Elizabeth figures out the meaning behind C-A-G-E and the Songbird shows up and is now your ally!

Command Deck

You must now protect the zeppelin from the Vox Populi and their gun ships. This will not be easy, as large waves of Vox will attack the power source of the zeppelin. Use the Songbird to take out the zeppelins and make sure you protect the power core. Using th Songbird to destroy the smaller gunships may be a waste of time.

Hopefully, you have chosen to power up your vigors because you will need them. Waves of soldiers will drop onto the deck and try to attack the core. A swift shotgun blast to the face should solve this problem. Next up there will be soldiers with RPGs on the catwalks to the right and left of the core. Use a vigor like Undertow to grab and bring them close for a attack or simply throw them off the side.

Next, a wave of soldiers will appear with Motorized Patriots. Use Undertow to also throw them off the side of the ship or use Possession and turn one patriot to your side. When the battle is over, reunite with Elizabeth on the ship.

Sea of Doors

In order to avoid spoilers for the game, we will just ask you to follow the on-screen prompts. Enjoy the ending you have earned for Bioshock Infinite.

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