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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough – Part 1 of 2

First part of the walkthrough of this awesome new title
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Save the girl, wipe away the debt. Sounds simple right? Bioshock Infinite is anything but simple as our hero Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth must work together to uncover the mysteries of Columbia, their pasts, and take down Comstock once and for all. Here is our guide to help you navigate your way through Columbia.
*Note: BioShock Infinite uses a navigational arrow to keep the player moving in the right direction. In this review, when you see the statement “follow the arrow”, this simply means to press up on the D-Pad and follow the green navigational arrow.

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You begin the game on a boat that is being rowed toward a lighthouse. Booker will be handed a box that has a few sparse details inside about his mission. Enjoy the rhetoric between the two people on the boat enjoy the trip.
Once the boat docks turn the camera left and exit the boat by using the ladder. Once you are on the dock your shifty chauffeurs will make a hasty exit. Enter the boathouse on the dock. On the ground by the ropes there are two silver eagle pieces. Continue down the pier and go up the stairs of the lighthouse on the right. Before going up to the door, turn left and follow the path all the way to the end. Search the barrel here and collect another Silver Eagle. Then return to the door.
Notice the sign on the door. “Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!” Interesting… Knock on the door. Once you enter the room head to the left and collect some Silver Eagles along with the other items. Then head up the stairs in the room.
At the top of the stairs search through the cabinet on the left and collect the items inside. Look around the room for a sink and collect the items that are on the shelves above it. Once you have thoroughly searched the room, continue up the next set of stairs. Once at the top, take a moment to examine the gruesome scene and the note that was left for you. There are also some Silver Eagles on the desk. Take those and then head up the next set of stairs.
Once at the top of the lighthouse, ignore the door on your left and continue around to the left. Search the barrel and claim the Silver Eagles. Next go back to the door. Booker will pull out a familiar card. Follow the instructions to activate the door. Enter the room and sit in the chair. Prepare to ascend into Columbia.

Welcome Center 
Exit the rocket and enter into the Welcome Center. Head straight ahead and pick up the Silver Eagles on the bench in front of you then head left. Turn right and search the rooms. You will find coins and an offering underneath the stain glass window. There are also coins in the rooms adjacent to the main one. Once you have collected the items, head back out the way you came and continue straight into the next room.
Follow the rose pedals into the room and collect the Silver Eagles on the pew. Then head to the right and collect your first Voxophone message forms Lady Comstock. Press down on the D-Pad to hear the message. Then exit the way you came and enter the other room straight ahead. Collect the Silver Eagles in the gift and on the floor.
Then head back out to the room with the giant Comstock statue and exit the stairs by the men dressed in all white. Continue down the spiral staircase to the bottom and head towards the followers dressed in all white and enter the circle. Then accept your baptism. During the baptism, Booker will have what appears to be a memory of his past. You awake in an office with someone banging on the door. Answer the door and enjoy the cutscene.
You then awake in the Garden of New Eden where followers of Comstock are worshiping statues of George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. You must locate the Statue of Columbia. Whenever lost, simply press up on the D-Pad and an arrow ill appear on the ground showing you the way. Press up and follow the arrow.
As you continue along the path, listen to the prayers of the followers to the Fathers of our country. Along your path there will be a fountain. Jump in to collect the Silver Eagles and apple on the right. Then continue on the path. Before you reach the final door, take the banana and soda on the benches on the left. Then exit the doors and enter New Eden Square.
Continue straight and pick up the chips and soda on your left. Then search the trash can for some Silver Eagles and head over to the hotdog stand for a hotdog and popcorn. Once your health is replenished, continue forward.
Head to the right of the giant statue and into Hudson’s shop. Before heading inside, go to the right of the building a collect the items on the side. Then enter the shop and go behind the counter. On the safe there is another Voxophone. This time it is form Comstock himself. Listen to the message and then head back to the courtyard and to the right. Continue to the end and enjoy the parade floats float by. Once the walkway has appeared, continue to the Statue of Columbia. Before approaching the final set of stairs leading to a view of the statue, search behind the rose bushes on the right for a wallet. Then head up the stairs.

Raffle Square

You will receive a telegram from a little boy warning you to not alert Comstock of your presence in Columbia. You now must make it to the monument. Hit up on the D-Pad and follow the arrow to the fair. Take a moment to stop on the left and observe Jeremiah Fink and his vigors that you will encounter later. Feel free to take part in a few games to earn Silver Eagles. Once you have had your fun at the fair, push up on the D-Pad and head to the next objective.
You will encounter a woman giving out free samples of the Possession Vigor. Take the vigor. Then use your ability to convenience the machine next to the woman to open the door and let you in. Once you have done so, return to the projection screen and refill on salt, which powers the vigor. Next go through the door and play a game of heads or tails. Seems random? Just hit the button and you will when the game and you can continue on your adventure.
While following the arrow, there will be a raised bench on your right side with a songbird holding a rose. There is a Voxophone here. Collect it and then continue to follow the arrow. You will encounter an interesting poster that points towards Booker as being the False Shepherd. Continue past the poster and follow the arrow. You will encounter a fountain. Take the items around it and continue forward to the raffle. Talk to the woman holding the balls (ignore the obvious jokes here) and Booker will select number 77, a familiar number indeed.

bioshock 1
Booker wins the raffle and is prize is the right to throw a baseball at an interracial couple. You can then choose to throw the ball at the couple or to throw the ball at the announcer. I chose the announcer. Before the ball can be released from Booker’s hand, he his stopped by a officer who recognizes the mark on his hand as the same mark the False Shepherd shares. Booker is then attacked and gains a Sky Hook in the melee. You must now use the Sky Hook to defend yourself from the officers.
Once you have dispatched of the officers continue to move forward and take out the next wave of officers. Search their bodies for useful items, and then head to the right through a gate and down the stairs. Once you have reached the bottom of the stairs, search for a Voxophone recording from Jeremiah Fink on the left. Then head up the stairs on the left.
Possess the turret and have it dispatch of the police for you. The possession will not last so when you feel that it is safe, attack it while it is possessed and destroy it. Then jump down off the platform and kill all of the policemen that are attacking you. Be weary of another turret by a stagecoach. You can possess it or destroy it.
Then head past the police barricade down Shady Lane and take out the policemen. Collect the items in the stagecoaches and then head through the gate at the end of the street. Prepare to battle a Fireman.
Fireman’s use the Devil’s Kiss vigor to throw flaming grenades. Take him out with your pistol and then take the Devil’s Kiss vigor that he leaves behind.

Comstock Center Rooftops

Press up on the D-Pad and follow the arrow. Go up the stairs on the right and slowly turn the corner. You can possess or take out the turret first. After you do either, a wave of policemen will appear and try to take you out. Dispatch the one with guns with your pistol. Also be prepared to take out the others that will charge you and attack you with melee attacks. Take them out with the Sky Hook. Search their bodies for supplies and then continue forward. Follow the arrow and head into the Blue Ribbon Restaurant.
Upon entering the Blue Ribbon you can consume various beers, chips, other items to improve health and salt. Then head towards the bar to find a familiar couple. They will give you the shield elixir that surrounds your body with an electromagnetic shield. After you take the elixir head through the doorway into the kitchen.
When you enter kitchen there are items in a crate and a Voxophone recording on the left. Gather any items you may need in the kitchen and then head outside. Head to the end of the walkway and look up for a Freight Hook. Use the Freight Hook to maneuver to the next platform and perform your first air Sly Hook attack. Pick up the weapon that the enemy drops if you want and then proceed down the stairs on the right.
Officers with machine guns will attack you. Use the fog to your advantage and take them out. There will also be a turret on a floating ship to your left. Take it out as well. Also, notice the ground around your foes. If they are standing in a liquid, use the Devils Kiss to set it on fire. Continue the path laid out by the D-Pad and take out the next wave of soldiers. There will also be another turret that you will need to disarm. Jump to the ship and to the next rooftop and crash through the ceiling of the Lansdowne Residence. Here you will find various Silver Eagles, items, and a sympathizer. After you have collected the needed materials, head to the balcony and use the Sky Hook to attach to the Freight Hook. Dismount to the next platform and enter the Mont germy residence.
There are some items to the right. Equip those if needed and then head to the door and go through it. A wave of enemies will come through the door that will end with a Fireman. Use your possession ability to set a trap to turn enemies into allies. Once the Fireman is defeated feel free to search the house for other items. Once you are finished head through the door the enemies came through and prepare for another battle. There is a turret at the top left of the stairs. Possess it, which will provide cover while you take out your enemies. Once its over, destroy the turret and follow the arrow forward. You will then reach the Fraternal Order of the Raven.
Once you enter head to the right and attempt to flank your enemies. Once the first wave is defeated, head up the stairs and through the door at the top. Slowly approach the Fraternal Order of the Raven. You can choose to listen to them or attack them. Once they know you are there, head back through the door and set a possession trap. Then take out the first wave. Then set a Devils Kiss trap and take out the next set of waves that come through. After the order has been destroyed, approach the alter in the next room. There is a elixir there that will increase health, shield, or salts. Make your choice and then follow the arrow into the next room.

bioshock 2

Search the rooms for Voxophones and other items. Once you have thoroughly swept the room, follow the arrow and head to a door for a very gruesome scene. After it is done prepare to battle the member of the order that was previously addressing the fraternity and his Murder of Crows. Set a trap with Devils Kiss and stand behind it. He will attack you and trigger the trap. Shoot him with your machine gun. Once he is dead, take the vigor for Murder of Crows. Practice the vigor on the next wave of enemies before heading through the door and out of the order.

Monument Island
Attach the Sky Hook to a Freight Hook and maneuver over to the next platform. You can choose to enter this dwelling and witness a police sketch being done of you. You can engage the policemen or simply slip back out to the balcony. Attach yourself to the next Freight Hook and maneuver to the next building. Take out the policemen outside and enter the Monument Island Gateway.
After entering the room head straight ahead to the window to get a glimpse at the enemies that are in the room. The policemen will be carrying machine guns. There is also a turret at the top of the stairs behind the statue. Choose your favorite vigor and use it to assist you in eliminating the enemies. Once completed, collect the various items and Salts in the area that you may need and then head past the large statue and up the stairs. Search the rooms to the left and the right for Silver Eagles other items. Once you have collected what you need, go through the door at the end of the room.
Head to the right and go through the doors at the end of the hallway. Search the desks and cabinets for items. Then return to the hallway and head towards the light. You will now be able to access the skyline with your Sky Hook. Before you do, go to the gondola on the right and search the trashcans and bag for items and Silver Eagles. Then, follow the command prompt and attach to the skyline. Prepare to dismount on platform where you will see a guard appear. Take him out and then continue into Monument Tower. Be prepared for a guard to come charging at you. Take care of him with the Sky Hook to save ammo. There is a room on the left where you can take an elixir and choose to increase your health, shield, or salts. Make your choice and then jump back on the skyline and ride it to the end and dismount. Here you will need to clear the freight so you can continue to use the skyline. Collect the items in the area, which includes a Voxophone recording on a desk on the right, and then pull the lever in the room to clear the shipment.
Return to the skyline. You hit another roadblock. Dismount onto the police gondola and then take out the officers on the ground. Once they are dead, jump off the gondola and search the area and their bodies for items. When you are done, go up the stars and to the right and attach yourself back to the skyline. You will approach a set of soldiers. Dismount. They will begin to kneel. You can choose to execute them or not. Either way, head through the door on the left. There will also be other officers on their knees. You can also kill these men if you want. Head straight and pull the lever. Comstock will address you directly.
Head left off the elevator and continue the path. You must now board Comstock’s Zeppelin. Attach to the Freight Hook on the right and take out the officers. Then enter the zeppelin and find the control room. It will be the only door you are able to open. Upon entering, there is a follower praying to Comstock in the room. Head to the controls. Activate the controls and prepare for another address from Comstock. After the address is over, prepare to escape the zeppelin and attach to the skyline. Once on the skyline prepare to dismount at the first platform you see. Head up the stairs to the door at the end of the room and enter Monument Tower.

Monument Tower
Once you enter Monument Tower, head towards the fountain and collect the Silver Eagles. Next head to the fence and attach to the Freight Hook on the top right. Dismount and enter Monument Tower. Once inside pick up the Silver Eagles on the ground and head to the open locker on the left and collect the wallet and the Voxophone recording. The head through the door at the end of the hall. Feel free to explore the room to learn more about the “specimen”. Continue through the door at the end of the room. Turn left and enter the room to find some items and another Voxophone recording. Return to the pervious hallway and explore the rooms on the right and left to learn more about the “specimen”. Then head through the door at the end of the hall. Straight ahead there is a Voxophone on the desk. Collect it and search behind the desk on the right for another infusion elixer and select which one you want to increase. After you have decided, head down the staircase and into the elevator at the end of the room.
Turn left and head down the hall. Activate the specimen tracker and follow the paths through the doors. Continue down the path until you cannot anymore and then pull the lever and get your first real glimpse of Elizabeth. Activate the next specimen tracker and follow the path to the next lever and watch Elizabeth rip a tear through space and time! Follow the path to the next lever. Collect the Voxophone on the chair on the right and pull the lever. After you are done gawking at Elizabeth head through the door on the left. Activate the next specimen tracker and then open the door on the left. Continue onto the statue and follow the path around and enter the next set of doors. Continue the path and prepare to meet Elizabeth and the Songbird.
After the meeting, follow Elizabeth out of the monument. After you make it out, Booker will awake in his office. Open the door and enter another cutscene with Elizabeth.

bioshock 3
Battleship Bay

You awake again on Battleship Bay and you must now find Elizabeth. Search the beach for items including a Voxophone at the end of the beach under a striped stagecoach. Then hit up on the D-Pad and follow the arrow. You come upon another beach. Search the area for items and then follow the music to find Elizabeth. Get her attention and take her to the First Lady Airship. Follow Elizabeth across the beach and through the turn style. Search the Maitnence room on the right for items, then head up the stairs to the left of the entrance to the Upper Boardwalk. You will meet a familiar couple that offers you a choice between two charms. Choose one and Elizabeth will place it around her neck. Continue down the boardwalk and watch Elizabeth lament over her lost home. She recovers quickly so head up the stairs on the left.
There is a checkpoint set up by the guards but Elizabeth has an idea. Follow her to a door where she shows you one of her many skills. Enter the door and head straight through the door at the end of the hallway for some gear, items, and another Voxophone recording. Head back to the hallway and turn right to run into the interracial couple from earlier in the game. Speak with them then head through the door at the end of the room.

Amusement Center
Head down the hallway on the left of the room, and enter the white only bathroom on the left to collect items and a Voxophone recording. Then head back down the hallway and up the stairs on the left. Notice the Motorized Patriot on the right for future reference… Continue up the stairs to the Gondola Ticket Station. Approach the ticket stand and prepare for an ambush. After the ambush you must now find Elizabeth again. Head up the stairs and turn right to find items and Voxophone recording. Head back through the hall and head into the door on the left and prepare for a attack. After you kill the enemy search the room for items. There is also another elixir on the right of the room on a desk. Choose which one you want to infuse and then continue. Follow the navigation arrow. Head through the door at the end of the hall and collect numerous items and Silver Eagles. Then follow the arrow to find Elizabeth. Pull the lever and then speak with Elizabeth. Once the gondola stops, follow the arrow through the turn style and into Soldier’s Field.

Soldier’s Field
Head to the down the stairs and to the left to a locked door. There is a lock pick on the ground beside it. Pick it up and have Elizabeth pick the lock. Enter the room to collect the items inside including a Infusion elixir. Choose what you want to infuse and then continue out of the room and to the left where the exit is. Before you can go through the door it will close. Force it open by following the command prompt and then exit the room. Head up the stairs and stop by the Salt Machine at the top if you need to. If not continue to follow the arrow into Soldier’s Field.
Follow the arrow to the lever that will summon the zeppelin. Then follow the arrow to the Hall of Heroes. When you reach the stairs, prepare for a wave of officers. Take them out and then follow the arrow to the elevator for the Hall of Heroes. Pick up the lock pick in front of the elevator and then enter the elevator and push the button. The elevator will stall. When it does, open the control panel on the back wall. Then witness Elizabeth open another tear.

Inside Hall of Heroes
Exit the elevator and head down the stairs towards the Motorized Patriot and pull the lever in front. To the right of the patriot is a shotgun/ammo. Enter the bathrooms on the right and prepare to take out two officers. Then, head out of the bathrooms and notice the locked door straight ahead. If you have a lock pick, take Elizabeth over to the door and have her unlock it. There will be a turret in the room so take it out before exploring. Explore the room for a Voxophone recording, Carbine riffle, and a safe that requires 5 lock picks to open. Take everything you can from the room and then exit. Then go left and find the Bucking Bronco vigor. Take it and then exit to Sky Road. You can hear a discussion below. Prepare to battle the enemies and feel free to try out the new vigor. Expect members of the Order of the Raven to join this fight. Lure them to the gas on the ground and ignite it with Devils Kiss and make short work of them.
Once you have dispatched the enemies, head to left of the room you originally came out of to enter the Fellow Traveler. There has been a massacre in this restaurant. Search the dead bodies for loot. In the kitchen where a solider lays dead on the island. There is a Voxophone recording on one of the cabinets. Exit the kitchen and turn left around the bar and enter a bathroom. There is a cypher on the wall that Elizabeth can decode with the proper codebook. Notice the picture by the body of the dead solider. Is this the location of the codebook? Collect what you can and then exit the building. Then enter the shop across form the Fellow Traveler to collect the codebook from the cannon. Collect the items in the room, including the Voxophone recording at the top of the stairs. Then return to the room to decipher the code.
Follow the navigation arrow to a lever and pull it to clear the skyline. Then attach to the skyline. Be prepared to switch skylines and take the second one to the end. Exit down the stairs on the right and to the left you will find the RPG and RPG ammo. Equip it if you want, and then search the gondola for a Voxophone recording.
Next head up the stairs and be prepared for an attack. Elizabeth will hand you a sniper rifle. Take it and dispatch of your enemies. Take out the enemies up top first but be aware of your surroundings, as some soldiers will rush you. Don’t worry about Elizabeth; she can take care of herself. Take out all of the enemies and then head up the stairs into the Hall of Heroes.

Hall of Heroes
You must now find Shock Jockey in the Hall of Heroes. Loot the corpses in the room and then head past the Motorized Patriot and down the hall on the left and enter the door. There are Silver Eagles, a wallet, and another Voxophone recording in the room. Collect them and exit. There will be soldiers standing at the end of the hallway. Take them out with the Sky Hook and then continue forward through the door. Elizabeth will read a inscription on a statue and then you will be addressed by Slate.
Slate’s men through a door will then ambush you on the left. Take them out and then head into the room the came from for items including a Infusion elixir. Take it and then head out of the room, to the right, and through the door. Loot the corpses in the room and then head left into the Boxer Rebellion.

Boxer Rebellion Display
After you pass by the two dragons there will be a gong on your left. Behind it, will be a lock pick. Grab it and continue forward. At the top of the stairs turn right and enter the room. Take the gear and the Carbine if you want it. Exit the room and be prepared to fight a enemies. Take him out and then continue forward and through the door at the end of the room. Pull the lever to hear a rhyme from the patriot and then continue through the next door. You will have to battle more of Slate’s men a Firemen. Take them out and then head out of the display room. On the way out be prepared to take out a few more men, then head to the Battle of Wounded Knee Display.

Wounded Knee Display

Head up the stairs and go through the door on the right. Kill the solider inside and then collect the gear and items in the room and then head back out, down the hall, and through the next door. Activate the display to gain more misinformation on the Battle of Wounded Knee and then head through the door behind the display. Take out the soldiers inside and prepare for a member of the Order of the Raven to appear. Use Devil’s Kiss to take him out. Slate will then address you. Return to the rotunda and prepare to battle more soldiers. Take them out an then head through the door and into the First Lady’s Memorial.
Head down the stairs of the memorial and towards the statue. After Elizabeth reads the statue, head up the stairs and into the next room and watch Elizabeth find out a surprising truth about her past. Head under the bridge and to the locked door. Request a lock pick from Elizabeth. With the door opened, enter the tribute to the murder of Lady Comstock.

Tribute To Lady Comstock

Enter the room on the left an collect the Voxophone on the chair. Exit the room and continue past the fountain through another door. Head straight through that room through the next door. This battle will be tougher than most. There will be a fireman, machine gun carrying soldiers, a rocket launcher, and a turret! Lucky for you, there are tears in the area that Elizabeth can open. Open the tear on the ground to bring your own turret into the fight. You can also open tears at the top with Freight Hooks that you can also use in battle. The tears are not permanent so use them wisely. Try to get close enough to possess the turret and soldier carrying the rocket launcher to aid you in the battle. Once all the enemies are gone, head up the stairs and through the door.

Bioshock 4
You will now do battle with a Motorized Patriot! This one will be easy. You can see him breaking through the glass from across the room. Rush him and attack with your strongest weapon. You can also shoot him in the back to achieve maximum damage. Once he is dead, head up the stairs on the right and through the door. There will be a safe inside requiring 5 lock picks so open it if you can. Then collect all the items and open the crate on the right. Follow the footsteps on the ground and prepare to take down Slate.

Battle With Slate

Slate will use electricity to block Elizabeth’s tears. Take out the men he summons and prepare for a few Firemen and Motorized Patriots. When you have cleared the room, take out the crystals on the ground. Once they are gone, Slade will retreat.
Take this time to search the rooms. In the room to the left of the stairs you will find a Infusion elixir hidden behind a opened toolbox and a Voxophone recording. Collect the items and then head into the room directly across from the room you’re in. Head up the stairs and turn left and continue up the stairs. Slate will appear. Take out his electric crystals and take out the men in the hallway. Then continue up the stairs and through the door at the end of the hallway. There you will find Slate on the ground. You can choose to spare his life or kill him. After you decide, take the Shock Jockey and you gain a new vigor. Return to the gondola by following Elizabeth. You need to take out a few soldiers and a member of the Order of the Raven along the way. Continue ahead until you reach a gate. Use Shock Jockey to power the conduit on the right to open the gate. Head through to the doors and leave the Hall of Heroes and return to Hall of Heroes Plaza.

Hall of Heroes

Once in the hall you will have to take out more enemies including a Motorized Patriot. Take them down and continue forward until you are out of the building. You will then have to take on a large wave of enemies. Use a tear to your left to gain a sniper rifle. Also, open the tear in the sky for a Mosquito to gain extra cover. Once that is done, take out all the enemies. Continue forward and ride the skylines back the way you came. Take out the enemies there and continue forward to the elevator and press the button. Learn more about Elizabeth and her tear ability in the elevator and then head to Soldiers Field.

Soldiers Field
Head straight towards the carousel and find a lock pick on the right side. Then activate the tear for the Motorized Patriot and head towards the gondola. Use the Shock Jockey on the conduit and call for the gondola. Soldiers carrying rocket launchers on gondolas, a Motorized Patriot, and soldiers on the skylines will then attack you. Maneuver on the skylines to get on top of one of the gondolas. Take out the rocket launcher and then use a tear to take out the sniper rifle and eliminate the rest of the squadron. Return to the gondola to take out a Motorized Patriot and a few other soldiers. Once everyone has been defeated, loot the corpses for items. Step upon the gondola and pull the lever. Sit back and enjoy the ride and the conversation with Elizabeth and enter the First Lady’s Aerodrome.
Hit up on the D-Pad to follow the directional arrow. Enter the aerodrome and take out the enemies inside. Search the room for items and then continue up the stairs and enter the elevator and take it to the top of the Aerodrome. Continue across the catwalk and into the gondola. There is a Infusion vigor on the right. Collect the various Silver Eagles and silver bars in the room. Head to the control panel at the front of the gondola and activate it to leave the area and enjoy another conversation with Elizabeth…and prepare for a headache.

Finkton Docks

After waking up from being knocked out twice, you will meet Daisy Fitzroy, the leader of the Vox Populi. After speaking with her you will be dropped out of the gondola and onto Finkton Docks in front of Fink MFG. You must once again locate Elizabeth.
Head straight and turn left and go up the stairs. Enter the room. Search the desks and locate a Voxophone recording between the two desks on the left. There is another room on the right side that has gear and other items inside but you can’t collect anything without alerting the guards. Make your choice and when you are done, head over to the far right corner and continue to pursue Elizabeth. Pursue her until she disappears then use the navigational arrow to guide you in the right direction. Once you find her you will need to take out enemies with powerful guns and a turret. Possess the turret for cover and take out all the enemies. Destroy the turret and then attach to the skyline to reach the upper platform. Take out the guys in this room and then continue to follow Elizabeth. You will soon come face to face with a Handyman. Endure the cinematic battle and make up with Elizabeth. Follow the directional arrow and leave Finkton Docks and head to Finkton Proper.

Finkton Proper
Head down the stairs of the New Worker Induction Center and search under the staircase on the left to discover a lock pick. Grab it and then head right. Enter the main room and turn to the left and enter the room to find another lock pick and a Voxophone recording. There is a locked door that requires 5 lock picks to open in the far left corner of the room. Access it to earn ammo, Silver Eagles, and another Infusion elixir. Then exit the room and head to the left and down the stairs. Have Elizabeth pick the lock. Possess the Motorized Patriot and take out the enemies in the room. Descend down the stairs on the right and head straight to the left corner of the room for a lock pick. Then turn left and collect the items in that room. There is a open locker with a Voxophone recording inside. Collect that as well. Exit the rom and turn right. Search the trash can for another lock pick. Bypass the staircase and head into the next room. There is a safe on the left that only requires one lock pick. Open it and collect the other items in the room. Then use the directional arrow to point you in the right direction.
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