Bioshock Infinite is so close to release we can taste it.  The excitement builds with each piece of information 2K Games and Irrational Studios releases behind the project, and today, we got two more to get happy over.

First off, the voice cast behind the game has been revealed, including veterans like Troy Baker (Booker DeWitt) and Jennifer Hale (Rosalind Lutece).  Joining them are fellow voice actors Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth), Oliver Vaquer (Robert Lutece), Kiff VanderHeuvel (Zachary Comstock), Kimberly Brooks (Daily Fitzroy), Bill Lobley (Jeremiah Fink) and Keith Szarabajka (Cornelius Slate).  It's a who's who of voice casting, and it all sounds great so far.

But to get you really excited, we've also tracked down a new trailer for the game, Final Shepherd, which shows Booker in action as he makes his presence known in the floating city of Columbia, while also running into his fair share of trouble.  You can watch that trailer here and marvel in the madness.

Bioshock Infinite hits stores on March 26th for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.