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BIG Festival 2019 Awards Submissions Close On April 26th

by Liana Ruppert

Brazil’s  Independent Games Festival (BIG) is the largest indie gaming expo in Latin America, partnered with Nordic Games. It’s a time to celebrate indies and the gaming community, but the deadline for awards submissions is rapidly approaching. 

April 26th marks the last day that developers can submit themselves for a chance to win big and be reviewed by a panel of esteemed industry profesionals. This event blends gaming, tech, and business into one mainline event and offers up a chance for developers to truly show off their sine. 

This year’s event will be hosted in Sao Paulo this June from the 26th to the 30th, celebrating not only Brazilian games and its industry, but the budding international relationships made throughout the world. 

“In this international spirit, the Nordic Game Discovery Challenge (NGDC) has partnered with BIG Festival to kick off its first qualifier in Brazil,” reads an official press statement about this year’s event. “The NGDC is a global competition whose mission is to find promising games brimming with potential and bring them together to battle for prizes. Season IV of the pitch battle will take place on June 27th with the winner of this event earning a spot in the Grand Finals at Nordic Games 2020 in Malmö, Sweden. If you are developing or have developed a game that you think deserves NGDC’s coveted grand prize, visit the submission page and enter the race the deadline on June 13th!”

As for which awards are available: 

  • Best Game
  • Best Brazilian Game  
  • Best Latin AmTrophy
  • Best Student Game
  • Innovation
  • Best Art
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Sound
  • People’s Choice
  • BIG Impact: Educational Category  
  • BIG Impact: Social Matters Category
  • Best in VR
  • Best Game for Kids
  • BIG Diversity
  • Best Multiplayer game

To learn more, check out the official festival website right here!

BIG Festival 2018 – EN from Bits Productions on Vimeo.

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