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Beware! Tears of The Kingdom Has Completely Leaked Online

Be careful out there.

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’re like me and try to stay media blackout on a game, it’s become increasingly difficult as the internet tends to spoil many things. Whether it’s a twist in HBO’s Succession or the latest Marvel film, you really can’t avoid spoilers, leaks, and everything in between. Anyway, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has completely leaked online, so it’s probably time to use those Twitter-muted keywords and stop checking the gaming leaks and rumors subreddit.

Beware! Tears of The Kingdom Has Completely Leaked Online

We won’t link to the leaks or even tell y’all where they are. If you’re keen on seeking them out, find them elsewhere and fear the wrath of the Nintendo Ninjas knocking on your door. They will send Mario, the cop, to take you out, so you’ve been warned.

Someone got a retail copy of Tears of the Kingdom and has dumped the entire game online, so over the coming hours, days, and weeks leading up to launch, more and more of this gameplay will show up. So now is the time to either leave the internet until Tears of the Kingdom comes out on May 12, 2023, or to start being real loose with that block and mute button on various websites.

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This isn’t the first time a major game has leaked online just weeks before a release. This happens more and more as physical copies end up at retailers way ahead of time. There’s no real way to stop it, and with how easy it has become to share screenshots, video clips, and more on social media, this trend won’t stop any time soon. Nintendo has already started taking down a lot of the footage and screenshots, but as we all know, the internet is forever.

Anyway, everyone, be careful and try to stay clear of spoilers until May 12!

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