Ever since she made her debut in 2010, the gun-toting Bayonetta has been turning some heads on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But for her latest adventure, she's going to be striking out in some new territory – the Wii U.


During Nintendo's press conference it was announced that they will be bringing Platinum Games' Bayonetta 2 exclusively to the Wii U. Nintendo will be taking over publishing duties for the franchise, probably part of a deal with Sega to make the game a Wii U exclusive.


Though no gameplay footage was shown, the official game logo was revealed. Many of the development team members from the original will be making their return to handle the title.


Clearly this was the "big" announcement of the event, even though other games were announced that turned a few heads. But no one expected Bayonetta – especially not as a Wii U exclusive. Can you imagine if Nintendo announced this back at E3?!


No release date was given for Bayonetta 2 but sometime in 2013 is expected.  Look for a preview in the months ahead.