With Battlefield 4 roughly three months away from release, anticipation for the first-person shooting sequel is at an all-time high. However, EA and DICE want to make sure it's just as innovative as it is fun.  Today, it announced the return of Battlelog, a feature that was quite popular with Battlefield 3.

Utilizing a second screen for in-game action, Battlelog introduces a new level of social integration.  This allows users to interact with the game, even when they're not playing it directly.  Such features include the following:

Anytime, Anywhere: No matter where players go, Battlefield is always at their fingertips. Whether they’re heading home on the bus, taking a lunch break at work or lounging on the couch, players can log into Battlelog and check their stats, interact with friends and much more from their smartphone, tablet, browser or directly through their console. 

Battlescreen: Battlelog is more seamless than before, offering a coherent second-screen experience to give players the chance to better enhance their game. Whether it’s highlighting attack points on the mini map, keeping track of squad members or playing as the team’s Commander, every move reflects in real-time.

Real-Time Load Outs: Gamers can switch their weapons, change their load outs and check their progression at any time, all with real-time results in-game. Players can also select servers or even launch a match from their devices, making the transition between game sessions easier. 

Missions: Want to find out who is the best tank destroyer or who can capture the most bases? A brand-new feature called Missions will allow players to custom create challenges for their friends to compete. Battlelog will also notify players when they have been kicked out of the number one spot so they won’t miss a beat.  

Geo Leaderboards: Battlelog introduces targeted, geo-localized leaderboards that will allow players to not only compete with everyone in the Battlefield community, but also with people in their city, in their country or on their continent. This is a great way for gamers to rank up while making new friends or even adversaries.  

You can watch the official trailer for the Battlelog features below.

Battlefield 4 will arrive on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 October 29th, then Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date.