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Bare Butt Boxing is a Real Videogame Title Coming to Early Access and Consoles

Body part humor but more family-friendly than Genital Jousting. A big win for videogames

by Lucas White

Announced during today’s The MIX’s 10th Anniversary Showcase event, Bare Butt Boxing is the latest contender in the “jiggly physics chaos” genre, a label I just made up. It’s coming to Early Access on PC this year, then heading to consoles sometime in 2023. While the obvious draw to this game is the wide variety of colorful Bare Butts, it’s also interesting to know this is a self-published debut from Tuatara Games.

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Bare Butt Boxing is an up to six-player party game that doubles as a 3D brawler. It looks like a postmodern derivative of Power Stone, but with more butts and less anime. Stages will have the usual arsenal of items to use or get killed by, and… uh, clothing is optional? It sounds worse on paper than it actually is in motion:

Tuatara Games is historically a support developer, specializing in visual effects work for big AAA games like Valorant, Fortnite and The Ascent. They worked on Godfall too. Bare Butt Boxing is Tuatara’s first self-published game, but its first developed game was the Versus Evil-published Let Them Come.

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If you’re buying what Bare Butt Boxing is selling, it’ll be hitting Early Access for PC around Q4 2022. The full release, planned for 2023, is targeting the Switch, PS4 and PS5.

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