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Baldur’s Gate 3 Is “The Biggest RPG We’ve Ever Made,” According to Larian Studios

by Liana Ruppert

Yesterday we finally got confirmation that the rumors and leaks were true when the studio that gave us Divinity Original Sin shared our first look at the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 game on the horizon! It was a huge surprise to all given that they haven’t previously done direct entries into the Baldur’s franchise, though their games are very much tied within that universe. Even better, the first teaser looked sick and the studio is very proud to say that this is the biggest undertaking they’ve taken on yet! 

“We’re in production,” said Larian studio head Swen Vincke in a recent interview with GameSpot. “This is the biggest RPG we’ve ever made, so our team is now over 200 people internally and together with all the externals, we’re heading over 300 people. It’s a very big production. It’s the biggest that we’ve ever done.”

Divinity Original Sin 2 was no small game, so for hardcore RPG lovers like myself, this sounds like an absolute dream! 

Also previously confirmed is that it won’t be an Epic Games Store exclusive and it’s also (sadly) not slated for a 2019 release. But honestly? We’ve waited so long for an official Baldur’s Gate 3, I’d rather weight a little bit longer to ensure that it’s done right. If anyone can, it’s absolutely Larian.