Rovio, the makers behind the million-selling Angry Birds series, is taking a new direction with their latest mobile release and this time they've sided with the pigs!


Bad Piggies is now available for PC, Mac and mobile devices, including Android and Mac. You'll be helping out the evil pigs this time around, as they're stuck on an island retrieving pieces of a torn-apart map. They can't get around the island themselves and you can't launch them; you'll instead be given a number of pieces in which to build them a vehicle that will allow them to reach the pieces along with other goods scattered throughout each stage.


The game introduces a different level of strategy than you might expect from the Angry Birds games, but it's surprisingly fun and it's great when you see the reactions of the pigs after finishing each stage. It's almost like they want you to be happy for them…


You can check out Bad Piggies for the App Store with the link below and be sure to check it out in other online stores as well. It'll set you back $2.99, but only for a limited time.


iTunes Store Link: