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Asymmetric Multiplayer Game Dragon Ball: The Breakers Coming in 2022

by Lucas White

This morning, Bandai Namco announced a new multiplayer, online action game set in the Dragon Ball universe and developed by Dimps. This time, Akira Toriyama’s classic manga is being represented in a new genre: asymmetric multiplayer. Dragon Ball: The Breaker sees a group of players attempting to survive against a “Raider,” or one of Dragon Ball’s many powerful villains. Currently, the release window is set for 2022 for all major gaming platforms.

In the trailer, seen above, we see “Imperfect Cell” creeping through a destroyed city, looking for victims. We’re soon introduced to Oolong and Bulma, two of the seven playable Survivors. We also see a normal human character stumble-running away from the Raider.

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There’s a lot going on even in this early footage, showing that players can find various items (bazooka and time machine are shown), and the Ooolong player has shape-shifting abilities. The Breakers’ website notes that each role will have its own skill tree and perks, so there’s an element of customization.

While Cell is probably the most appropriate villain to introduce this Dead by Daylight-like game, Bandai Namco also confirmed Frieza and Buu will be options for the Raider player.

The 2022 release window is likely a ways out, but a closed beta test for PC will be “coming soon.” 

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