Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 9 – Memory 2: Hoarders – Kill Marie Levesque

Defend the merchant, free Thomas Levesque, and assassinate Marie Levesque.


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  • Rescue Thomas Levesque
  • Don’t trigger any alarms

Distraction Opportunity – Defend the Merchant

From your starting position you can see an opportunity to complete an optional objective that requires you to defend a merchant. Simply look down and to your right, then make your way across the rooftops until you can perform a Double Air Assassination on the two Extremists. When that’s done, continue to follow your friend, killing three more sets of two attackers. Shortly after the objective will be complete.

Assistance Opportunity – Prison Break Initiated

Head back down the street in the opposite direction that the merchant was traveling (southwest), hugging the right wall as you approach the main gate. Just to be clear, however, you’re not going to the main gate, but will instead climb a wall that is just to the right of it. From here you’ll be able to perform a ledge assassination on a guard, then move along the top of that wall to take out two more. Just make sure none of them see you.

Looking at your mini-map will now show you three objective markers. One of them is a two-man, roaming patrol, and the lead guy has your key. The guy trailing behind him is called a Defender, and that would be his body guard. The second and third markers are cell doors, and that’s what you need to open if you want to complete this objective.

The best way to do this is to move into a position on the rope that sits just above the cell door to the northwest. You can stay here as long as you want and study the patrol patterns and guard placements, and doing so will teach you that the key passes directly under your location. When both the key holder and Defender are in position for a Double Air Assassination, drop down and take them out. It’s a risky move, and one that’s gone well for us as well as backfired, which brings us to another option.

The objective does say to pick the lock or steal the key, so you could wait for the patrol to move away, then drop down and pick the lock on the door. That, or you could use a Berserker Blade to hit the Defender as he passes under, inciting chaos and clearing out a good chunk of the courtyard. Either way, when the cell door is open you need to get back on the wall, then move along it, dropping down and opening the second cell door just to the northeast. With both doors open, return to the wall again.

Infiltrate the Palace

From your position on the wall, look for an open window in the southwest corner. Approach it from the rooftop, then use your Eagle Vision to spot a guard that patrols directly to it. When his back is turned, sneak inside and quietly kill him, completing your objective.

Find the Target

Continue heading southwest through the building, passing into the next room and sitting near the door. In the hallway beyond you’ll see three Extremists, two that are guarding a door and one that patrols in your direction. Wait for the loner to move your way, letting him get a look at you, then snap to cover beside the door. When the Extremist approaches, perform a cover kill, then back all the way out the window you used to enter the palace, returning to the rooftops. It should also be noted that if you use your Eagle Vision you can spot Marie Levesque and complete your objective.

Assassinate Marie Levesque

Now that you’re back outside the window you’re going to use the rooftops and continue to move to the southwest. You’ll have to jump to another building, but it’s here that you can drop down onto the wall and climb in an open window. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you encounter Thomas Levesque.

To complete one of your challenges, pick the lock to let him out of his room, then use the Double Assassination to take out the two guards stationed outside. You should recognize them as the two that were in the hallway a few moments ago.

A few feet down the hall from where you freed Mr. Levesque will be a locked door that you can pick. Do this, being careful not to get busted by the Brute that hangs out in the area just beyond. When you’re in, sneak onto the balcony to your left and kill the Sniper.

Return to the corridor and head east, following a similar path that the Brute took. It’s tricky, but when he moves far enough away you can sneak to the second balcony (opposite from the first one you were on) and take out the second Sniper. You could also wait, allowing the Brute to return and taking him out to ensure he’s not a problem later on. Regardless of what you choose, when both Snipers are down you’ll want to return to the balcony where you killed the first, snapping into cover so that Levesque can’t spot you.

We messed this part up a couple of times, and the bad news is that failing will send you all the way back to the memory start point, although we found that you can skip the optional objectives you’ve already completed and still get credit for finishing them. Strange, but it saves time. Should you fail, skip all the optional stuff you just did and start at the point where you snuck in the window to take out the first guard.

Let’s assume you’re not going to fail.

Take your time here, studying Marie Levesque’s path for at least two circulations. Also notice the door that’s in the southwest corner of the room. It’s large, open, sitting to the right of the sofa, and just below your position. That’s a long description, but you need to know exactly where this is because when Levesque’s blood hits the chandelier (literally, there’s one right above you), you’ll have about a second to make your escape before you’re surrounded. Now that you’ve done your homework, you should have a good idea of what needs to happen from here, so let’s get to it.

From your position of cover your might notice a table to your right. Get close to this. When your target passes under you it’s the Air Assassination you’re going to use to take her out, and if you’re close to the chandelier you’ll just jump on top of that. That’s a terrible reason to fail this memory.

Wait for Levesque to walk under you, then quickly climb up on the railing of the balcony and perform the Air Assassination. She has excellent vision, so avoid climbing onto the railing until her back is turned, otherwise she’ll spot you and ruin the whole plan. Once she’s down and the cut scene is over, your objective is complete and it’s time to get out of there.

Although we’ve yet to give this one a try (don’t worry, we will), why not play through this again after you’ve beaten it, shooting Levesque’s bodyguard with a Berserker Blade? It seems like a horrible idea, but if you don’t ever try something stupid, you can’t do something amazing.

Escape the Area

As soon as you gain control you’ll want to head through the door that we mentioned above, then straight through another and down a hallway toward the northwest side of the building. When you reach an outer wall, turn left and go up the stairs, then take a right when you reach the top. You should see the two dead bodies outside Thomas Levesque’s door, and if you go through you can exit out of the window you used to save him. Once outside, get beyond the shaded area as quickly as you can to complete the memory.

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