It would be hard to find someone in this day of age who has not heard of Pokemon's longtime protagonist of Ash Ketchum who has been the main character of the franchise's anime for over two decades. The talented trainer has never been able to capture an official Pokemon League championship in the show's 22-year run. However, this lack of a title is no longer the case thanks to Ash finally securing a Pokemon League title with his victory in the Alola Pokemon League. 

With Ash having been the face of the Pokemon series for so long, countless individuals grew up watching the trainer give it his all to fulfill his dreams and plenty of younger viewers who are currently doing the same. This connection to Ash for many people led to plenty of discussion surrounding the highly anticipated event occurring on the latest episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon.

One of the most eye-catching posts regarding Ash's first-ever Pokemon League championship came from the character's original English voice actor, Veronica Taylor, who posted an inspiring message regarding the character's long path to success that was paved with hard work. 

Technically, Ash had captured two previous championships in his adventures. However, the Orange Island League and Battle Frontier titles did not meet the exact Pokemon League standards.

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