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Arkane’s Deathloop Was the Pleasant Surprise of Bethesda’s E3 2019 Showcase

by John Cooper

The Bethesda E3 2019 conference had a weird mix of titles and announcements but one of the most impressive was the new game from Arkane. If you aren’t familiar with their work, they are responsible for the Dishonored series of games, which are probably some of the best immersive sims in existence. In each of these titles, you play as a supernatural assassin fighting against impossible odds. 

Deathloop is their next game and it looks absolutely excellent. It features two main characters squaring off against each other in an unending cycle of death (a Deathloop, if you will). While the trailer began with a spattering of normal combat featuring real-world weapons, it looks like there is a fair amount of the supernatural here too. 

The game is set on an island called Blackreef and both of the characters are assassins, which very much fits the themes of Arkane’s previous games. The most intriguing aspect of the game though is in the motivations, which really help define both the characters and the unique situation they find themselves in. 

While one of the characters just wants to escape the infinite cycle of death the other relishes it and fights to keep it going. Who knows which side you’ll get to be on when the game releases, but it should be a lot of fun either way. 

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