THQ was promising some quality downloadable content for its hit action game Darksiders II, and next week we'll be getting our very first dose of it.  The team announced, along with developer Vigil Studios, that the first piece of DLC, The Argul's Tomb, would release for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network next week, as well as PC.

In this new section of the game, you'll have two great new ice dungeons to explore and rip through, along with a handful of new legendary loot to collect and some challenging new boss battles that will certainly keep Death on his toes.

If you bought the Limited Edition of the game (or a Season Pass), you'll be able to download the content at no charge.  And don't worry, Wii U owners, when your version ships, Argul's Tomb will already be on the disc.

Argul's Tomb will set you back $6.99 (560 Microsoft points) – not a bad fee when it comes to more Death, right?