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Apple Attempts to Drag Valve into Epic Games Lawsuit, Valve Pushes Back

by Lucas White

In an extremely strange turn of events, PC gaming giant Valve has been dragged into the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. Those on the outside may be wondering, “what does Valve have to do with this?” And, readers, it looks like Valve is largely asking the same question through its legal representation. Claiming necessity for its case, Apple has attempted to subpoena Valve to release a huge volume of data to the court, the majority of which Valve has refused to deliver.

Apple and Valve have been in communication for a while now throughout the case, as Apple’s legal representation considers certain information relevant to the case. The argument being that Steam is a similar service to the App Store, and is direct competition to the Epic Games Store. For what it’s worth, Valve has complied to several requests, but there are two in particular getting this major pushback.

These are requests 2 and 32 of the subpoena, which ask Valve to provide tons of data, in whichever format Apple asks. Apple initially wanted data on, according to a report from PC Gamer, 30,000 games. That data includes sale history, revenue, dates of availability, titles and much more. Valve’s pushback involves disputing the scale of the information, which Apple claims is “narrow” and “does not cause risk of competitive harm.”

Valve’s argument notes the ask in detail, pointing to this request being over six years of granular data, information that Valve considers confidential (especially with regards to revenue), and in some cases information the company has never deemed necessary to collect or organize. Following that objection, Valve’s rep also argues that Steam has nothing to do with a battle over app economics anyway, noting that Steam is not a mobile marketplace, and that Fortnite was never even on Steam to begin with.

Sounds like a pretty big argument, and one that we’ll definitely want to know the outcome of. What do you think, readers? Is Apple asking too much, or is Valve being too stubborn? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Twitter and Facebook feeds!


Lucas White

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