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Apex Legends Players Frustrated as Game Goes Full Gacha With New Loot Pool Addition

Respawn contemplates how to monetize healthcare with these new cosmetics.

by Daphne Fama

Respawn Entertainment has brought us something no one has asked for: the chance to slap a sticker on our healing items. This explains why Respawn changed the healing animation last season. Now, you’re forced to look at that big blue battery while under a hail of gunfire.

The addition of stickers has come to the chagrin of the player base, who has seen significant saturation of the loot pool over the past few years.

And it’s a big loot pool indeed.

  • There are 40 skins for each of the 23 legends – 920 total,
  • at least 3 emotes for each legend – 69,
  • 32 weapon charms – 32,
  • at least 10 base sprays for each legend – 230,
  • at least 38 base skins for each of the 28 guns – ~1,064 total,
  • 20 base intro quips for each of the 23 legends – 460 total,
  • 41 base kill quips for each of the 23 legends – 943 total,
  • 14 base frames for each of the 23 legends – 322,            ,
  • 14 base poses for each of the 23 legends – 322.

Which means that, without stickers, there are approximately 4,362 items in the pool. Good luck getting that skin you wanted.

Not Everyone is Happy with the New Apex Legends Loot Pool…

Many fans took to Reddit and Twitter to voice their discontent:

“I think the Apex Legends Season 15 patch notes are horrendous,” one player wrote. “I usually have praise for Apex but here we go: No legend changes???? Anvil Reciever back. Ring 1 preshrink reduced AGAIN. STICKERS??? HALF OF THE PATCH NOTES IS STICKERS.”

Another user shared the sentiment, stating,

“stickers to clog cosmetic pool, no real next gen update, flat out lied about cross progression, map thats just copy pasted buildings from the other maps, yet another awful BP by the look of it. genuinely what happened to the Respawn that actually cared.”

This backlash seems to have stayed the introduction of stickers from the loot pool for now, but Respawn has confirmed that more stickers will be added throughout Season 15 and beyond.

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How to Buy Stickers in Apex Legends

But if you want to add a little glam and glitz to your healing items, here’s how you do it.

  • From the landing page of Apex Legends, tab to the Store, which is accessible at the top of the screen, between Loadout and Club. You should land in the Dark Circuits Store. The purple Apex Pack, Sticker Pack Series 001, should be available for purchase.
  • If you’re not at the Dark Circuits Store, tab over the Specials, and you should find it.
  • The Sticker Pack Series 001 is 300 Apex Coins ($3 USD). You will receive 1 guaranteed sticker and 2 standard items.
  • The sticker is a guaranteed thematic pack item that you haven’t already unlocked.
  • The other two items can be weapon skins, legend skins, legend finishers, banner frames, banner poses, standing emotes, banner stat trackers, quips, holosprays, crafting metals, weapon charms, or other stickers.
  • The two items have a 25% chance of being rare, a 3.5% chance of being epic, and a 1.5% chance of being legendary.

Yep, it’s essentially an Apex Pack that’s three times the cost because you’re guaranteed to get a sticker. And to complete the collection of all 20, you’ll need to spend about $60 USD. If you go for it, may the odds be in your favor.