Apex Legends is gearing up for Season 8, and along with that comes a brand-new legend. 

Apex Legends New Character Fuse Gets Explosive New Trailer

Every Season a new Legend gets introduced into the game, and some are more game-changing than others.

Fuse is a much more combat-focused Legend, so it’s hard to tell immediately if this will shake up any of the metagame aspects of Apex Legends.

Fuse’s Grenadier ability allows him to hold an additional grenade in his inventory slot, and he can throw grenades more accurately/farther than his partners.

If that wasn’t explosive enough for you, he also has his Knuckle Cluster ability. This is a powerful cluster bomb attack that seems like it will be great for crowd control.

Finally, Fuse’s ultimate ability is that giant rocket launcher he carries on his back.

The Motherlode shoots armaments into the sky, raining fire from above. It leaves a ring of fire in its wake to help trap enemies in a location. 

Season 8 of Apex Legends launches on February 2. So be sure to get in there and blow some stuff up. 

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