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Apex Legends is Getting a Legend With a Titanfall 2 Connection

by Morgan Shaver

A new Legend for Apex Legends was recently announced named Valkyrie. Accompanying the announcement was a new Stories from the Outlands trailer which expands upon Valkyrie’s backstory.

And in an exciting turn of events, it’s revealed that Valkyrie shares a direct connection with Respawn Entertainment’s other series, Titanfall. 

Apex Legends is Getting a Legend With a Titanfall Connection 

The newest Legend that’s being added to Apex Legends on May 4 is named Valkyrie. As with all new Legends, an introduction to Valkyrie has been provided via a brand new Stories from the Outlands trailer. 

The name of this particular Stories from the Outlands trailer is Northstar, and if that name rings a bell, you might’ve heard it before in another Respawn game… Titanfall 2. That’s right, Valkyrie shares a direct connection to the Titanfall series as the child of the Northstar Titan pilot, Viper. 

From the information provided in the Stories from the Outlands trailer, press release, and website, it’s confirmed that Valkyrie (her real name Kairi Imahara) adored her father Viper who was a Northstar Titan pilot.

Kairi dreamed of being a pilot herself. However, Viper recognized the dangers of being a pilot and discourages Kairi. Going against her father’s wishes, Kairi takes her father’s Titan for a run and ends up having to be rescued by him.

He survives this, time passes in the story, and Viper ends up passing away (Titanfall 2 players will remember how this happens, no spoilers here).

Kairi seeks out and blames Kuben Blisk – from Titanfall 2 and shown with Kairi and Viper in the trailer – for her father’s passing. Sitting across from Blisk at a table holding a gun, Kairi plans to kill Blisk to get revenge but Blisk ends up defusing the situation by offering a different perspective.

Blisk tells Kairi that her father knew what he was fighting for, then asks if she knows what she is fighting for. Essentially implying it’s better for her to build her own legacy for herself. After thinking it over, Kairi spares Blisk. Walking out, she tells Blisk her call sign is Valkyrie and that he’ll live to remember it. 

After watching the trailer for Valkyrie, we have to say it’s really exciting to see a Legend added to Apex Legends that shares a connection with Titanfall 2. It’ll also be interesting to learn more about Valkyrie and what her abilities and strengths are once she’s added to the game on May 4.

Until then, you can check out the new Stories from the Outlands trailer below to get to know her a little better. And, if you missed the news, Respawn also announced Apex Legends Mobile today.

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