Ever since Respawn surprise launched their hit free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends, the studio has been working tirelessly to make the necessary changes to make a good game even better. With solos having been tested out and even more Legends on the way, a lot of rumors have been fluttering about concerning what's next for the online title. The latest? An Apex Legends PvE mode. 

One dataminer particularly, That1MiningGuy, recent sound a few titles that show off about 10 different missions with file types titled "Free-Range Monsters," "Moving Castle," and "Infestation. According to this dataminer, these missions will have "Tasks" coordinated with it which Titanfall and Apex fans will be familiar with already with Repulsor Towers, Harvesters, and Goliaths. 

The video above also breaks down these tasks in further detail by showing off how each one differs from the others and tailors to specific Legend strengths. Some have wondered if this leak ties less into PvE for Apex and more for a new Titanfall game, especially since we already have confirmation that several Titanfall projects are in the works, though many of the file types specifically reference King's Canyon in the battle royale game.

The YouTuber himself believes that if this change were to occur it would happen during season 3, but that's all speculation at this time until Respawn themselves confirm any new details. For now, Apex Legends, sans PvE, is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Still no Nintendo Switch version yet, but we can dream.