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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Are Spending Serious Cash on Ebay for In-Game Loot

by Liana Ruppert

Animal Crossing New Horizons players are spending some serious IRL cash on Ebay for in-game items and … we get it. We’re looking to get those 5-star ratings with the best of them, but some are paying thousands of dollars on New Horizons gear and call us crazy, but that sounds like quite a bit. 

Gamers spending real-life cash on games is nothing new, especially as the practice of microtransactions in titles increases in popularity, but there are many sellers offering gear, Bells, Nook Miles, and more and are getting quite the payout for it. Some even making up to 10,000 dollars in profits off of players that aren’t able, or simply don’t want to, grind. 

No judgment but it would be a disservice to our readers if we didn’t point out that this game is very easy to grind for resources. The in-game gear like nets and axes are all stackable, meaning you’ll never be in a place where you can’t make something that will aid in island improvements. Bells are also incredibly easy to earn by simple acts like fishing and netting various insects. Turnips are also available on Sundays as well, which turn around for a pretty hefty price on good days with the Nook brothers. 

Nook Miles are also easy to get, you get them for free just for checking out the Nook Kiosk daily where Nook and Isabelle are at in addition to logging on and completing daily tasks like taking pictures, fishing, and mining for resources. All of that to say that you don’t have to buy in-game items with your own money, but at the end of the day, it’s your money so do what you want with it. Just have fun and stay safe! 

As for the game itself, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Be sure to also check out our Game Hub here, we’ve got over 100 guides for everything you need to know about the latest Animal Crossing adventure to make the most out of your island time! GLHF! 

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