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Amazon Games Forms New Montreal Studio

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, Amazon Games Studio has announced the formation of a brand new studio in Montreal. The Montreal Studio will now join Amazon’s studios in Seattle, Orange County, and San Diego. Its focus is on creating new original AAA games. 

Amazon Games Forms New Montreal Studio

The studio includes the head of production Luc Bouchard, creative director Xavier Marquis, head of product Alexandre Remy, and content director Romain Rimokh. This is the core team that helped create Rainbow Six Siege.

Amazon states that this team will bring a brand-new online multiplayer IP to life. This is certainly questionable after Amazon’s latest attempt with Crucible, which it pulled from official release to put it in “beta” only to stop production on it altogether. 

Not to mention its seemingly troubled MMO New World which has received multiple delays over the past few years. Amazon has a pretty bad track record lately in the games space, so it remains to be seen what a new studio can actually do for them. 

We will have to wait a while to see what this Montreal studio is cooking up, but hopefully, it helps Amazon Games turn around its constant streak of bad luck in the space.

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