Alien: Isolation Crew Expendable DLC Mission – Ellen Ripley, Airlock, Ash

Easily navigate through the ventilation shaft and fend off the Alien.

Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

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When the Crew Expendable mission begins, you’ll be able to choose between playing as either Ripley, Parker or Dallas, but your choice is fairly inconsequential. For the sake of nostalgia, we opted to go with Ellen Ripley.

Your first objective once you’ve chosen a character will be to Collect Equipment. Begin looking around the room you’re in and some of the adjacent ones to gather up supplies, then move on to the Medical Bay. If you’re not sure where it’s located, pull up your map. Once you arrive in the Medical Bay, you should find a Medkit, completing the optional objective to Collect Medkit.

Bring up your map one more time to locate the Bridge of the ship, which also happens to be the place where you can collect your Flamethrower and complete the objective to Collect Equipment.

Shortly after collecting the Flamethrower, your objective will update and ask you to Seal Hatch 00B1, but we’re not quite ready for that yet. Instead, bring up your map and locate the Hypersleep Chambers. It’s here where you will be able to collect the final item you’re looking for and complete the optional objective, Collect Flare.

Once you’re ready to move on, your objective to Seal Hatch 00B1 is just a short distance away from the Hypersleep Chambers. When you arrive, climb down the ladder and once again bring up your map. You’ll see a curved corridor that will lead you directly to Maintenance Hatch 00B1, and soon you’ll get another objective, this time asking you to Seal Hatch 00B2.

It’s about this time that you’ll need to start worrying about the Xenomorph, and therefore we advise that you start to crouch rather walk, and always keep your Flamethrower ready. If you must, give the Alien a blast of fire to scare it off while you proceed forward.

Arriving at Hatch 00B1 will see you in a room with a computer console. Approach it and interact to lock it down, then bring up your map to locate Maintenance Hatch 00B2. The easiest way there is to trace your steps back to the ladder, then pass through to your objective. Once again, when you arrive, you’ll need to access the console near the glass, then complete your objective by locking down Hatch 00B2.

With both hatches locked down, it’s time for a new objective. This one asks you to Get to the Landing Claw Bay, and if you pull up your map you’ll see that it’s off the side of the Server Room and somewhat near the middle of the ship.

When you arrive at the Landing Claw Bay, you’ll instantly receive a new objective, this one taking a step back and asking you to Seal Hatch 00B4. Bring up your map and locate Maintenance Hatch 00B4, then get moving and head in that direction. When you arrive it’s the same process as the first two times – simply approach the console and lock down the hatch.

This will bring up a slightly more disturbing objective, one that challenges you to Lead Alien into Primary Air Shafts. Bring up your map to find the Primary Air Shaft just a short corridor away.

We found the Alien to be extremely aggressive as this mission wore on. To fight this, make sure you’re always keeping tabs on it with your Motion Tracker, and don’t be afraid to stop and hit the Xenomorph with a few blasts from your Flamethrower. That will usually buy you a short amount of time before the next encounter.

When you arrive at the Primary Air Shaft, you’ll want to hop in the vent, climb down the ladder and then pull up your map. The objective is all the way on the opposite side of where you climbed down, but navigating isn’t really that difficult if you take a moment to plan it out.

  • Take your first right
  • Take your second left
  • Take your second left
  • Take your first right
  • Take your second left

If you want, you can try to listen to Lambert explain where you need to go, but our money is on taking the path that we outlined above. After all, we’re living proof that it works. However, no matter what direction you choose to go, you’ll be relentlessly hunted by the Alien. Throw Flares to light the way, and if that doesn’t work, pull out and use your Flamethrower instead.

In terms of strategy for dealing with the Xenomorph, your best bet is to wait for it to attack, then hit it with the Flamethrower. This will buy you enough time to move toward your objective. Keep stopping and fighting the beast, then get back to the business at hand.

When you finally drop through the vent and onto a floor below, you’ll have an updated objective. It’s now time to Connect Ash to Airlock Systems. You also want to be ready to hit the Alien with your Flamethrower (it was waiting for us).

As soon as the coast is clear, bring up your map and head for the Airlock Control room. It’s the same deal as always when you arrive – approach the console and interact with it.

You guessed it… new objective time. This one screams Flamethrower right from the start, as the game now asks you to Evade the Alien. It changes its mind rather quickly, though, and will soon update to Wait Until Alien Enters Airlock.

Bring up your map and then head for the octagon shaped room next to the Outer Airlock. That’s the room you need to trap the Alien in, and below it is a small corridor with a cabinet you can use to hide. Get into the cabinet and wait for the Alien to enter the Airlock, then emerge and hit the button to the right of the door to seal it. Doing this will bring the mission to an end.

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