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Alien: Isolation May Get Digital Animated Series

by Prima Games Staff

It looks like Amanda Ripley’s isn’t yet done dealing the xenomorphs in Alien: Isolation. Not only is she starring in an upcoming mobile game Alien: Blackout that’s practically a direct sequel, but she could also star in her own animated show.

According to the Observer, an “R-rated” series based on Alien: Isolation is currently in development. Axis Animation, the same studio that did the VFX work for the game, is reportedly creating the seven-episode show that could launch as early as April. There’s no word yet on whether the show will completely retell the events from the game or if it will have a separate plot.

Although the digital series will likely set up its nest on the official Alien website, there are no details on where else it may be found. The move to create a digital show makes sense, given how the Alien brand launched a campaign that invites fans to read, play, and watch. “Reading” probably refers to the Aliens: Resistance comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics, while the upcoming game and show would cover the other two.

Alien: Isolation released in 2014 and it introduced Amanda Ripley, the famed Ellen Ripley’s daughter. She embarks on a trip to an old and failing space station to uncover the mystery behind her mother’s disappearance. That’s where she encounters the xenomorph and horror ensues. Players had to hide and craft improvised weapons to survive. 

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