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Achievement Hunter: Finding All of Dead Space 3’s Hidden Goodies (Xbox 360)

by Prima Games Staff

Dead Space 3 has been out for over a week now, and despite some slight complaints about the change in direction (more towards action than survival horror), it definitely lives up to the hype – ESPECIALLY if you’ve had a chance to play the awesome co-op mode.  Seriously, we can’t get enough of it.

You’ve got some serious Achievement and Trophy unlocking to do, with some of the higher-up ones taking some time – and dedication – to earn.  And just when you think you’ve gotten them all, a few secret ones await.

In usual Achievement Hunter fashion, we’ve provided a breakdown of some of the basic – and all of the Secret – Achievements and Trophies you can find.  There are some minor spoilers here, so be warned.  But it’ll be worth it to add these to your virtual collection.

Let’s start with some of the better basic ones…

Get On My Level (10 points)- simply beat the game on any difficulty setting, including easy.

The Explorer (25 points)- a bit trickier, as this Achievement requires you to complete all the optional missions in the game – in which there are quite a few.

Aren’t You Thankful? (50 points)- one of the most difficult in the game, this Achievement unlocks once you finish the game in Hardcore Mode.  Too hard?  Try these…

Epic Tier 4 Engineer (40 points)- finish the game in Classic Mode.  Not as bad as Hardcore, but you’ll be busy.

Survivalist (40 points)- beat the game in Pure Survival Mode.  And, um, good luck surviving.

Gun Collector (25 points)- this’ll take a bit of scavenging, as you’ll need to collect all the Weapon Parts to unlock this one.

The Professor (25 points)- to earn this one, just find all the Artifacts.  Happy hunting!

The Librarian (25 points)- know those data logs that are throughout each stage?  Find them all and 25 points are all yours.

The Armorer (25 points)- if you manage to collect all the Circuits, you’ll unlock this Achievement.

There’s Always Peng! (50 points)- yep, Peng is somewhere in this game, but we won’t say where.  It’s all you, bro.

My Buddy (10 points)- Scavenger bots are available on Benches, and if you use one to retrieve a few resources, this easy-to-collect Achievement is yours.

Metal Detector (30 points)- you’ll really need to know your Scavenger bots for this Achievement, as it opens up after you successfully deploy them to 15 Resource areas.

Strapped (10 points)- one of the easiest Achievements in the game; just open up a work bench and modify a weapon.

Circuit’s Edge (10 points)- another simple Achievement, earned by adding a Circuit to a weapon.

EMT (25 points)- Work Benches are awesome for weapon modifying, but you can also build a health pack if you’re running low.  Build a large one and you’ll get 25 points – and a chance to survive the game for a bit longer.  Double win!

Full House (25 points)- this one’s for the hardcore weapon makers.  If you manage to put together a gun that has two tools, tips and attachments, with all Circuit slots filled, you’ll have a sweet weapon – and 25 extra Achievement points.

RIG Master (50 points)- this’ll take some time to get done, but if you manage to upgrade your RIG, you’ll unlock one of the bigger Achievements in the game.

Master Plan (25 points)- are you good with blueprints?  Prove it by putting one together that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build.  Doing so may take a little time, but 25 points will be yours with the effort.

From the Jaws (10 points)- this is easy to get if you’re playing in co-op.  If your partner is under attack, kill his or her attacker before they’re dead and this Achievement will unlock.  Thanks, buddy!

Share and Share Alike (10 points)- use your RIG to give an item to your buddy.  That’s it!

Medic! (10 points)- good at revivals?  Prove it by resurrecting your dying co-op partner ten times.

Ghosts of the Past (25 points)- if you’ve got a co-op partner willing to do anything to finish the game up, convince them to help you complete all optional co-op missions.  Doing so earns you this reward (or whoever’s playing Carver).

Architect (10 points)- just share a blueprint with your co-op pal.

Axes High (20 points)- love Fodder axes?  Who doesn’t?  Kill 30 enemies with these things and unlock this Achievement.

Payback (15 points)- this one unlocks by TK’ing a grenade or a rocket back at an unfortunate soldier who shoots one your way.

Go for the Limbs! (10 points)- you like dismemberment?  Collect 500 limbs to get this virtual reward.

And Then We Doubled It! (10 points)- 500?  Make it a thousand, actually.

Slow Mo (10 points)- go crazy with statis and kill 50 enemies while they’re in it.

Blast Corps (10 points)- exploding items are your friends here, as you’ll earn this Achievement by killing 30 enemies with them.

Shootbang (10 points)- go for the head!  Collect 30 head shots and win this Achievement.

Empty Chamber (10 points)- why shoot 30 enemies when you can melee them instead and get 10 points for the trouble?

Dropping Acid (10 points)- shoot acid on 50 enemies and you’ll melt 10 Achievement points onto your GamerScore.

Electric Lawnmower (10 points)- the electrified Ripper blade can do some damage, and you’ll be awarded this Achievement for killing 30 enemies with it.  Gory fun!

Overpowered Healing (10 points)- just Quick Heal yourself 20 times and this Achievement opens up.

Those are all the normal Achievements/Trophies in the game…but what of the Secret ones?  Here they are!  

WARNING: Spoilers!

Stranger In a Strange Land (10 points)- beat the Prologue

Space Odyssey (15 points)- complete your first spacewalk and live to tell the tale.

Critical Mass (15 points)- recover the shuttle.

Snow Crash (15 points)- make it to Tau Volantis.

Intestinal Fortitude (25 points)- finish off the Hive Mind.

Hydra (15 points)- teach the Snowbeast a thing or two.

Together as One (15 points)- finish putting together the Rosetta.

Internal Machine (15 points)- reach the Alien Machine.

Shoot for the Moon (50 points)- yep, shoot for the Moon and destroy it.

Under a Buck (10 points)- shoot the deer head trophy sitting in the Admiral’s Quarters.

Space Ace (20 points)- take out 70 targets during your trip to Tau Volantis.

Hungry (20 points)- reach the pump room at the Waystation, but don’t wake any Feeders along the way.

Drill Sergeant (30 points)- complete the Drill Room without taking damage from anything.

Weedkiller (30 points)- take out five Cysts in the Biology Building using only a single poison gas cloud.

Aliens (15 points)- collect all the Alien Artifacts.

Close Encounter (10 points)- take out 10 alien Necromorphs.  Easy one.

Happy Achievement hunting!

Dead Space 3 is available now for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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