A Starfield Player’s 180-Hour Hoarding Problem is Rooted in a Succulent Surprise

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How to Hail a Ship in Starfield
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Starfield is a massive game, full of plenty of unique items, missions, and story beats that help players push through until the very end. However, sometimes, you need to stop and smell the roses… or in this case, the massive amount of succulents that a player on the Starfield subreddit has accumulated in the lower portion of their ship.

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Over 180 hours Starfield player u/BigBootyTom has gone through, scouring the galaxy on their quest to collect as many Succulent plants as possible to keep in their ship. Not only could it improve the overall vibe (especially if Mercury is in retrograde), but it’s just fun to tiptoe through the tulips on occasion. Even after casting one of their powers to put all of the plants in Zero Gravity, the game still chugs along just fine and showcases the impressive physics engine that Bethesda has thrown together. However, this isn’t the only bit of collecting that they’ve done.

Post by u/BigBootyTom on r/Starfield

It seems like this user’s prerogative isn’t saving the galaxy, it’s saving the most amount of adorable items as possible and setting them up in a beautiful display that I would happily put in my own home. And in case you’re wondering if they’ve had to modify their ship at all, they’ve got the perfect answer for you:

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Any time you modify your ship in Starfield, everything that you have floating around or hanging out in your basement will go into Cargo, so as long as you don’t upgrade your ship or modify it in any way, you’ll never have to worry about refilling the Succulent Pit. There’s always room to add more, and it seems that our friend has plenty of plans to make this the most exotic ship in the galaxy.

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Microsoft Windows.

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