A New Gen 9 Pokemon Might Be Revealed For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tomorrow

Could we get a new reveal tomorrow?

The Pokemon Company is up to its usual tricks again. After posting a cryptic teaser on YouTube, it seems something ghost-type related is on the way to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

A New Gen 9 Pokemon Might Be Revealed For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tomorrow

A video showcasing a researcher walking through Paldea in a found footage style camera angle gets cut off right as they run into a Gengar behind a tree. While this could be teasing something spooky, since it is right around Halloween, there is also a new video set to premiere at 9 am EST.

The video is currently titled “????” and has an image of Gengar as the thumbnail. We’re pretty certain a new ghost-type Pokemon is going to be announced, but nothing is confirmed that it will be a brand-new Pokemon. We’re just going on our hunch.

With Gengar being teased, it’s possible a new Paldean form or side evolution could be at play here. We’ve already seen old Pokemon like Girafirig get a brand-new evolution, so why not Gengar?

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We won’t have to wait long to find out what will be revealed tomorrow, but we’re excited to find out. There’s been a ton of news about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leading up to its release, and the game is out in just a few weeks.

We’ve already learned about the ghost/fire Pokemon Ceruledge, so hopefully, if it is a new ghost-type Pokemon, it has a different typing. Maybe a ghost/rock or ghost/water for some added variety. Either way, it’s October, and it’s the perfect time to reveal a brand-new ghost Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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