A Hilarious Starfield Glitch Ship Is Probably Your Best Shot at Dodging Enemy Rockets

Making a hole in one


A Starfield fan has figured out what might be the best way to avoid enemy rockets while fighting in space. This ingenious feat of design will essentially dodge any enemy missile attacks in what could be one of the funniest abuses of enemy AI made in a game about space dogfighting.

This ship uses a claim that enemy ships tend to target the middle of the player’s ship during combat. This means that whenever missiles are launched at the player, they are likely to miss the target and go right through the middle of the hole that can be found in the ship. As such, the ship will not take any damage whatsoever from missiles thanks to this feat of engineering.

Since the creator, ClydeChestnut, is looking for names on Reddit, some people have already given their suggestions. Of course, one of the standouts is “The Glory Hole,” considering the theming of the ship. However, other clever suggestions include Hole-in-One, The Hidden Eye, and Star Donut. There are plenty of “hole”-related names that were suggested, but none were as clever as Bagel.

Starfield is available now for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Microsoft Windows.

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