15 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay To Be Revealed Tomorrow

Buckle up for all new gameplay.

Elden Ring, the new game from developers From Software has been one of the most anticipated titles since its initial release back in 2019, especially after announcing that it would be in collaboration with the creator of Game of Thrones, George R.R Martin.

15 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay To Be Revealed Tomorrow

Elden Ring was quiet for about a year until the Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live event where not only did we get our first real look at the game, but also the release date. Fast forward a few months and Elden Ring was delayed one month, from January to February 25. 

Today, the Elden Ring Twitter account announced that we will be getting a 15-minute look at Elden Ring gameplay at 10 AM EST. You can check out the footage when it goes live here.

We don’t have any more information than that, but since the game is only a few months away it makes sense to see some actual gameplay around now. 

The game seems to be more focused on open-world exploration and less linear than some of the previous titles. You can check out the newest trailer for the game below.

Let us know what you think about Elden Ring and if you’re excited about the new gameplay being revealed. Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages, or leave a comment down below. 

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