Those of you who picked up 007 Legends this week might have been a little startled over the fact that the game kind of shipped without an ending.  See, the Skyfall chapters of the game weren't actually included on the disc, as it appears that Activision was worried about spoiling the upcoming James Bond film.  But not to worry, it's coming soon enough.

The company has confirmed that the Skyfall levels, as well as two exclusive DLC characters for the PS3 version of Legends, will be available November 9th, and will be free of charge to all players, even those who rent the game.

"The team at Eurocom has really outdone themselves this time with 007 Legends, delivering a very unique and comprehensive Bond video game we're sure fans will enjoy playing," said David Oxford, EVP/General Manager, Activision Publishing. "Fans not only get to experience these great, defining moments from Bond's past that have made him the spy he is today, but they also get to become Daniel Craig's modern-day Bond, and play through an all-new, contemporary story mission based on the upcoming Skyfall film that comes out as DLC. This really is the most robust and unique Bond video game experience to date."

We still can't help but think it should've been included on the disc – especially to those who don't have access to an online gaming connection.  Beats nothing, I suppose.

Check out 007 Legends now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and coming this December for Wii U.