Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – All Activities & Shops in Honolulu City

There's plenty to see and do here.

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has plenty of things to do and sights to see, but how will you know if you’ve found everything to do in Honolulu City? That’s where we come into play, as we have a full list of every shop and activity to do in Hawaii.

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All Shops and Activities in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Honolulu City

Below, you’ll find a list of all the different shops and activities you can partake in within the lands of Hawaii while you’re kicking butt with Ichiban and Kiryu.

Restaurants & Food

Finding plenty of delicious treats is a joy, so make sure you cross all these off your list.

  • 53 By The Sea
  • Shinobi Sushi
  • Ahi Poke Garden
  • Cream & Berry (Waikiki)
  • Cream & Berry (River Street
  • Oahu Burger
  • Aloha Seaside
  • Soleil
  • Ocean Boys
  • Hip Hop Shrimp (Harbor Street)
  • Hip Hop Shrimp (Aloha Street)
  • Diamond Head
  • Boogie Woogie Steak House
  • Polaris
  • Black Hibiscus
  • Onaga Maritime Fare

Shops & Consumables

If you’re hoping to stock up on gear, there are tons of shops available to make that happen. You’ll find a list of all the available shops in Honolulu City below.

  • Fortune Exchanger
  • The Recycling Center
  • Yamabiko
  • Wink Mini Mart
  • Ganryujima Armory
  • No Surf No Life
  • Panthera Sports Kingdom
  • Vincenti
  • Manu Palekaiko
  • Hau’oli Hula Shop
  • Anaconda Sports Shop
  • Reef Riders
  • Clean-Clean Household Supplies
  • House of Wushu
  • Bullet Hell
  • Hyper Ecstasy
  • Grayson’s Weapons at Sea
  • 88 Teas
  • Purple Dolphins
  • White Shore Boutique
  • Burnes & Evans
  • Hilo Hattie
  • Thorstone
  • Fiddler Brand
  • Honoluluy Dandies
  • Penalty Box
  • Night Marchers
  • Julia’s Brilliant Design
  • Treasure Select Pawn (Hula Ave.)
  • Treasure Select Pawn (Anaconda Shopping Center)
  • Treasure Select Pawn (Chinatown)
  • ABC Store (Little Japan)
  • ABC Store (East Waikiki)
  • ABC Store (West Waikiki)
  • ABC Store (Anaconda Shopping Center)
  • Seaworthy Treasures
  • Pigeon Family Market
  • Honu World Market
  • Sunset World Market
  • Shark Teeth Souvenirs
  • Healthy Smile (Aloha Bridge)
  • Healthy Smile (Mahelona Mall)
  • Qing Long Chinese Market
  • Melia’s Leis and Flowers
  • Bluebird Gallery
  • Cigars in Heaven
  • Wang Shang Tong Herbal Medicine
  • Matsumoto Shave Ice
  • Dean & Deluca
  • Jeff’s Taco Truck
  • Kevin’s Hot Dogs
  • Mocha Mahalo
  • Mama Masla’s
  • Pizzeria Felice
  • Morning Joe’s
  • Mohala Shave Ice
  • Fancy Cookies
  • Makani Coffe (Sunset Park)
  • Makani Coffe (Waikiki)
  • Liang’s Bakery
  • Full Sky Tianpin Chinese Desserts
  • Tropical Cocoplate Lunch
  • LiberTea
  • Loco Fiesta Liquor
  • Sushi Bar Limbo
  • Vivid Bowls
  • Crepes for Me
  • Psychedelic Coffe
  • Snowtown USA
  • Abaca Rondo
  • Crow Espresso
  • Bumbleberry Acai Bowls
  • Cafe Trip
  • Kana’s Coconut Juice Stand
  • Mikasa’s Coconut Juice Stand
  • Aloha Beach Juicery
  • Golden Grace Greengrocer

Activities & Mini-Games

Tired of shopping around? Find out what kind of mini-games await you, alongside other marvelous activities to partake in.

  • Revolve Bar (Karaoke)
  • Alo-Happy Tours (Waikiki)
  • Alo-Happy Tours (Anaconda)
  • Alo-Happy Rom (Hawaiian Haunt)
  • Julie’s Gearworks
  • Julie’s Gearworks (Anaconda)
  • Dondoko Island Transport
  • Hawaiian Haunt
  • Crazy Delivery
  • Dolls & Devils Playhouse
  • Ounabara Vocational School
  • Anaconda Arcade
  • Fantasia Mahjong
  • Casino
  • Open Road Shogi
  • Darts

All Taxi Spots in Honolulu City – Listed

Tired of running around? Let something with wheels take you around by seeing where all taxis are located.

  • E Aloha St.
  • Donodo Island Pier
  • W Hula Ave.
  • Makani Ave.
  • Kaku Ave.
  • Seaside Ave.
  • W Waikiki St.
  • Crystal Aloha Resort
  • Revolve Bar
  • E Sakura St.
  • Sakura St.
  • N Waikiki St.
  • Diamond Head
  • Anaconda Shopping Center
  • Orphanage
  • Docks
  • Kolonahe St.
  • Lotus St.
  • Night St.
  • S Pearl Ave.
  • Shrine
  • Lantern St. Entrance
  • Pier
  • Anaconda Harbor Park
  • West Anaconda Shopping Center
  • Julie’s Gearoworks (MainS tore)
  • Alo-Happy Tours (Waikiki)
  • Hawaiian Haunt
  • Ounabara Vocational School
  • Dolls & Devils Playhouse
  • Sujigami PC Shop
  • Aloha Beachfront
  • West Aloha Beachfront
  • West Aloha Beach
  • 53 By The Sea

All Trolley Locations in Honolulu City – Listed

Take a train if you’re looking for a change of scenery and watch the world pass by before you.

  • Aloha Beach Trolley Stop
  • East Waikiki Trolley Stop
  • West Waikiki Trolley Stop
  • Aloha Bridge Trolley Stop (Waikiki Resort Line)
  • Aloha Bridge Trolley Stop (Harbor Line)
  • Harbor St. Trolley Stop
  • Sunset St. Trolley Stop (Harbor Line)
  • Sunset St. Trelly Stop (Night Square Line)
  • Downtown St. Trolley Stop
  • Night St. Trolley Stop

All Street Surfer Charger Locations in Honolulu City – Listed

The Street Surfer was my best friend during my playthrough, so always keep that battery topped off by visiting these spots.

  • Oka Charger (Aloha Beach)
  • Oka Charger (Waikiki)
  • Oka Charger (Harbor Park)
  • Oka Charger (Aloha Bridge)
  • Oka Charger (Little Japan)
  • Oka Charger (Night Square)
  • Oka Charger (Downtown)

As you can see, there is plenty to see and do in Honolulu City, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth section below to learn more about the game, and see if you can take it on the go on your Steam Deck.

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