Every Pokemon Generation, Ranked

Here is a list of every generation of Pokemon, ranked from worst to best.

It is no secret that Pokemon is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world. The series has released multiple titles and different generations of Pokemon over the last 25 years. But which of these different generations of Pokemon are considered the best?

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Pokemon Generations Ranked From Worst To Best

Pokemon has nine generations, each with a unique set of new creatures to raise and battle with. Some of these generations though, are worse than others. Here is every Pokemon generation, ranked from worst to best.

9. Generation 8

Released with Sword and Shield, Generation 8 just felt stale compared to other Pokemon generations. The generation had 96 Pokemon, which was more than some of the past generations, but still lacked creativity. The game tried to make them unique by adding Galar-specific Pokemon, which were classic Pokemon from the past but with Galar region quirks, but it just seemed to fall short.

There is no bad generation of Pokemon, but Generation 8 definitely fell short compared to others.

8. Generation 9

Generation 9 is the most recent generation of Pokemon. This set of 116 Pokemon was released in 2022 with Scarlet and Violet, and few people are still talking about it. Generation 9 struggled to bring something new to the table when it came to unique Pokemon. Even the Legendaries were nothing special.

Generation 9 may not be the worst generation of Pokemon, but it is definitely up there.

7. Generation 6

Released back in 2013, Generation 6 had a lot of momentum going for them. The generation had 72 Pokemon and was a part of the Nintendo 3DS’s first Pokemon release (X and Y). While the generation did have some unique characteristics, it ended up falling short of Pokemon players’ expectations.

6. Generation 7

Generation 7, the Alola generation was unique because Sun and Moon were the first tropical Pokemon games. Pokemon also introduced a new type of Alola-type Pokemon, where they would take classic creatures and give them a tropical twist. This helped keep the game interesting, but despite the generation’s brand new 88 Pokemon, Generation 7 was still not as great as others.

Generation 7 has a lot of unique Pokemon, making it ranked number six on our list of every Pokemon generation.

There are a lot of good aspects to Generation 6, but unfortunately, the generation has more flaws than strengths.

5. Generation 4

While Diamond and Pearl are some of the best games within the Pokemon franchise, their generation fell a bit short compared to others. Generation 4, which had 107 Pokemon, lived in one of the biggest maps to date within the Pokemon franchise. Still, with a massive world to explore, the generation did not have as many unique creatures as you’d think.

Generation 4 has a lot to offer, that is for sure, but there are still a few generations that top it.

4. Generation 5

While Black and White are not the most popular games in Pokemon history, Generation 5 is hands down one of the better generations. The generation had a whopping 156 Pokemon in it, which is more than any other Pokemon generation. With unique Starters, Legendaries and more, Generation 5 set a heavy precedent for the future of Pokemon at the time.

Generation 5 still carries a legacy that has yet to have been beaten by newer Pokemon games, making it number four on our list.

3. Generation 3

Ranking the first three generations is difficult due to each one being phenomenal in its own way. While Generation 3 comes close with the first two generations, it still does not make its way into the top two on our list. Regardless, Generation 3 felt refreshing, even after two other impressive generations had been released before it. The starters were great, and even some of the random creatures you found along the way were just as unique.

Generation 3 will go down in history as one of the greatest Pokemon generations of all time, with 135 Pokemon for players to capture and train.

2. Generation 1

Despite being the first generation in Pokemon, and possibly the most memorable one, Generation 1 still does not make number one on our list. Still, though, this generation was the beginning of Pokemon. We would not be where we are today without it, and that is why it deserves such a high placing on our list.

Generation 1 not only gave players the first 151 Pokemon, but it also created a generation of gamers that still live on today.

1. Generation 2

Coming in at number one on our list of every Pokemon generation ranked from worst to best is Generation 2. Not only did this generation have some of the best Starters and Legendaries, but it hands down had some of the best general Pokemon ever added to the game. With 100 different Pokemon to raise and battle with, Generation 2 became a staple within the Pokemon community.

Generation 2 still stands as the greatest generation of Pokemon to this day.

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