How to Catch Shiny Spiritomb in Pokemon GO

Spiritomb is back during Halloween. Here is how you can acquire a shiny version of the Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is still just as popular and fun as ever. While the game still does not feature every Pokemon in the game (currently there are 831 of 1019 Pokemon), it still has some of the most popular. Among those is Spiritomb, and what better way to catch this Pokemon than catching it as a shiny.

Here is how you can catch a shiny Spiritomb in Pokemon GO.

Catching a Shiny Spiritomb in Pokemon GO

While Spiritombs reveal themselves sometimes throughout the year in Pokemon GO, it is pretty rare to find a shiny version of the creature. Luckily, the game is hosting a week-long event during the rest of October that makes it easy to find a shiny Spiritomb; well… multiple of them.

Spiritomb Limited Research
Screenshot taken via Prima Games.

During Pokemon GO’s Halloween 2023 event, players can encounter multiple Spiritombs after completing a series of important quests.

Pokemon GO’s Halloween 2023 event dates:

  • October 19, 2023 – October 26, 2023

While the regular Spiritomb will be appearing quite regularly during this week, how does someone get a shiny version of the Pokemon?

Finding a Shiny Spiritomb

Once you complete the Spiritomb Time-Research Quests, shiny Spiritombs will begin to appear.

Players will have a 1 in 64 chance of the Spiritomb they encounter being a shiny Pokemon. Luckily, with so many appearing in the game, your chances are quite high.

When did Spiritomb release?

Spiritomb first joined the Pokemon realm back in 2006 with the release of Diamond and Pearl. Generation IV quickly became a favorite amongst gamers, as fans were pushing hard to add Spiritomb to their party.

Spiritomb was first released in Pokemon GO during a Halloween event in 2018, marking its historical yearly appearance. Since then, the Pokemon has regularly appeared every year during spooky season and is quite popular among fans.

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